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I’ve been going back and forth trying to get settings adjusted correctly with my own Battlefield 3 as of late. A week ago I had a GTX 260 installed getting about 25/30 FPS average. I thought, hey I bet a GTX 670 would improve that, so I got one, installed it, installed the drivers, and loaded BF3 only to be absolutely stunned I was only getting 55/60FPS! After following a guide to try and get that up above 100FPS, I gave up and posted in the EVGA forums. Not even a few hours later a few people replied with some optimized settings and someone else mentioned Vertical Sync. I turned VSync off and low and behold: 150 FPS AVERAGE! I FELL LIKE A REAL GAMER NOW!


Tweak your BF3 settings here!

Check out the article here if you want to optimize your settings and see what you get. You can always reply to this post and share with us your specs and average FPS for everyone to see.

PS: To view your FPS in BF3, open the console while in game with the “~” (tilde) key and type “render.drawfps 1” (“render.drawfps 0” to turn off), then press the “~” key again to turn off the console.


Looks like the C-130 gunship isn’t pilotable in the upcoming BF3:Amored Kill map pack, but will serve as a “mobile” spawn and in-air gunship.

The C-130 will be destroyable, so the AA vehicles (Mobile AA, Jets, Helis, Stingers, etc) will need to protect the gunship to keep it in the air.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see this myself:

C-130 Gunship for BF3

Check out more at the MP1st web site via the link here:


MP1st – BF3: Armored Kill and MoH: Warfighter E3 2012 Multiplayer Footage.

Until then, enjoy this 22:43 long video of the Armored Kill gameplay: