General Information

The AK907 Clan Battlefield 3 Server is now online!

It was purchased last night and was configured throughout the evening. About 10 people hopped online and started the server, and a fewrandoms hopped in too. We had a couple of rounds of rush before the end of the night, but today I changed the map rotation a little bit and eliminated the rush mode. This is just temporary until next week when I can tally the responses to the survey I have posted below. The survey is open to anyone, but I would ask that if you hang out on the TeamSpeak server that you leave your name so I know those answers are from our community.

(The survey was removed from this blog post because it was causing a strange issue where focus was directed to it when arriving at the home page, causing people to scroll to the top of the page. To participate in the survey, please follow this link:


End Game

Battlefield’s next map pack titled End Game, due out in March, has been talked about quite a bit recently, and a ton of really cool details have came to light! There is an expansive blog post (here), from Battlefield, that details the maps and their supporting game modes, along with distinguishing features about the maps. I recommend you take a read if you really want to see what these new maps are going to be like.

That being said, EA/DICE did post 4 hi-res screenshots of the new maps, and I’ve brought them here, to you, free of charge. 🙂

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Kiasar Railroad Water

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Nebandan Flats Water

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Operation Riverside Water2

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Sabalan Pipeline WaterBe sure you click on the pictures to bring up the hi-res photos!

Please donate so we can keep this Battlefield 3 server up and operational, and remember to put your BF3 name on the form as well so I know who you are!

Don’t forget to sign up for this Thursday’s Weekly Clan Event in the forums too! This is going to be something that we’re going to start doing regularly so more people come to the forums. It’s a GREAT way to interact with the community and really be a voice in the clan! Here’s the link for the sign-up forum, and if you don’t have a WordPress or AK907 Forums account (WordPress and AK907 accounts carry over), let me know what you want your username to be and I’ll hook you up with a password:

That’s all for today! Be sure you complete the survey above so we can get a map rotation going that’s a little more “official”. I will tally responses next week!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


I’ve been going back and forth trying to get settings adjusted correctly with my own Battlefield 3 as of late. A week ago I had a GTX 260 installed getting about 25/30 FPS average. I thought, hey I bet a GTX 670 would improve that, so I got one, installed it, installed the drivers, and loaded BF3 only to be absolutely stunned I was only getting 55/60FPS! After following a guide to try and get that up above 100FPS, I gave up and posted in the EVGA forums. Not even a few hours later a few people replied with some optimized settings and someone else mentioned Vertical Sync. I turned VSync off and low and behold: 150 FPS AVERAGE! I FELL LIKE A REAL GAMER NOW!


Tweak your BF3 settings here!

Check out the article here if you want to optimize your settings and see what you get. You can always reply to this post and share with us your specs and average FPS for everyone to see.

PS: To view your FPS in BF3, open the console while in game with the “~” (tilde) key and type “render.drawfps 1” (“render.drawfps 0” to turn off), then press the “~” key again to turn off the console.


Looks like the C-130 gunship isn’t pilotable in the upcoming BF3:Amored Kill map pack, but will serve as a “mobile” spawn and in-air gunship.

The C-130 will be destroyable, so the AA vehicles (Mobile AA, Jets, Helis, Stingers, etc) will need to protect the gunship to keep it in the air.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see this myself:

C-130 Gunship for BF3

Check out more at the MP1st web site via the link here:


MP1st – BF3: Armored Kill and MoH: Warfighter E3 2012 Multiplayer Footage.

Until then, enjoy this 22:43 long video of the Armored Kill gameplay: