Last night was an ok turnout, but I had to leave early due to some¬†tiredness. My computer crashed at some point during the night too, so all I have record of is Dedaciai, Gr0wzy, R00ster, and myself. If there were others on TeamSpeak that played Battlefield 3 last night, let me know so I can check the scores, but either way I’m pretty sure R00ster took the winner. ūüôā

Dedaciai and I hopped on the [AK907] servers for a few rounds and tried to get them going before we called it quits. We had some very nice AS rounds and ended up winning (albeit we started off loosing), which was a big relief. I checked the scores this morning and TheGermanR00ster completely decimated the competition in a single round worth over 2200 SQUAD SCORE points, which was more than everyone else added together. On top of that he played more rounds than anyone else in the given time frame, so this weeks prize goes to the R00ster! Congrats man!

Battlefield 3 AK907 Clan

Congrats to this week’s winner: TheGermanR00ster!!!

We need to get together and discuss ponying up some cash to pay for some BF4 Pre-Orders and figure out how that is going to work. I hope to aim for another clan meeting in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that!

That’s all for this week, but I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. We look forward to seeing you online for next weeks event, and if you have ideas about what the challenge should be let me know!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Todays post we will be discussing last Thursday’s winner, this Thursday’s challenge, some changes to our servers, and a few other bits of information.

Last Thursday’s Winner

Last Thursday we had a small turnout, but ended up getting the AS server going and had a bit of fun on some HT servers as well. The challenge last week was to obtain the HIGHEST OBJECTIVE SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central time. Congrats to the person that walked away with the highest objective score last week: Dedaciai!

Battlefield 3 AK907 Clan

Congrats to last week’s winner: Dedaciai!!!

Tonight’s Challenge

Tonight is sure to be fun times and friendly competition as there are definitely going to be a few people online fighting for the winnings! The challenge for tonight will be to obtain the HIGHEST SQUAD SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central time, so hop on TeamSpeak, squad up in Battlefield 3, and pwn teh newbs! Please keep in mind that to be eligible to win the “week of fame on the [AK907] home page”, you MUST join our TeamSpeak server between the time allotted. You can join our TeamSpeak server by clicking this image:

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!

Other News

I changed the rotation on the RUSH server to be RUSH/CTF (2 rounds each) and I’ve also changed the auto-balancer A LOT on both servers (our U MAD BRO YOLO server went away on the 1st) and it seems to be working a lot better. Last night the AS server got populated all by itself! ūüôā

As usual, if you have any questions about anything, just HMU and I’ll do my best!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Today’s post is all about last Thursdays Weekly Clan Event winner, and everything we’ve been able to find out about the Battlefield 4 announcement.

Last Weeks Winner

Well, last weeks clan event was great with 9 people joining us on TeamSpeak to fight for the prize! We pwned it up on the new End Game maps and dominated the opposing force every time. The winner of last weeks clan event, with a total of only 4 Air Kills, is AFTERBURN321!


AK907 Clan Battlefield 3 End Game

Congrats to this week’s winner: AFTERBURN321!!!

Congrats man, and the best of luck to those who join us this Thursday for our Weekly Clan Event. This weeks clan event challenge is to have the HIGHEST OBJECTIVE SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time, Thursday, March 28th. Be sure you join us on TeamSpeak so you are eligible for the week of fame!!! I look forward to seeing you online tomorrow so we can pwn it up!

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 was announced to the media yesterday, and to everyone else this morning, and it is a site for sore eyes (that have been staring at Battlefield 3 for the past 2 years…) There’s a 17 minute video of campaign gameplay that is definitely enticing to watch:

Here are some of the key items that I spotted throughout this video, and that have me curious for more:

  • Challenge Invite from XXXX – this pops up on the screen during gameplay.
    • What do challenges involve?
    • Are they anything like matches in the Battlefield 3?
  • Baku, Azerbaijan¬†– The “Fishing in Baku” video (above) is hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan¬†which is located on the Eastern shore of the Caspian Sea
  • Massive Environments – The skyscrapers in the video above appear to be fully accessible, or at least more accessible than towers in Battlefield 3
  • Massive Destruction – The skyscraper started falling apart because it was being attacked by an attack chopper.
    • This could have been a video sequence considering the video shows campaign gameplay, but it certainly look promising. Explosions from grenades look incredible!
  • Trophy System – There appears to be some kind of a trophy system, or maybe this is related to challenges, in the upper right-hand corner of the video.
  • Weapons are more customizable (such as the ability to detach/lay down the scope of your weapon so you can use the iron sites)
  • Battlefield 4: Premium – Confirmed

What peaked your interest while watching the video? What are you most excited to see? What are you most disappointed about from watching the video? Comment below!

Other Stuff

There’s a poll going on in the forums right now requesting a vote to change game mode rotation on the 48 slot server. Please read and submit a vote before tomorrow’s clan event!

I believe I have fixed the auto-balance issues that were happening on the AS server. I hopped online yesterday and actually got the AS server populated before I realized it was so late and I still had work to do…¬† I also believe I’ve fixed a lot of the spam issues we were having with the forums. I know most of you guys never saw any of this, but we were getting multiple spam registrations per day on the forums and every since I implemented the fix, we haven’t had a single false registration. That being said, please let me know if you find you are having issues posting to the forums, and leave me as many details as possible so I can try to fix it.

That’s all I have for today, but I look forward to seeing you online for tomorrows Weekly Clan Event!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Today’s post is all about Sunday’s winner, tonight’s clan event schedule and challenge, and some tips we’ve been hearing about Battlefield 4!

Sunday’s Winner

Sorry for not getting this up sooner, but I have been working on a couple of things for this Sunday event and have been trying to figure out how to “glorify” the Sunday winner. I tried to add another BF3 Stats entry on the home page, but the code isn’t setup for that in WordPress, so that failed. We will have to figure something out, but for now we will just have to leave it as it is.

Sunday was a pretty nice turn out with 7 people showing up in TS for the clan event, along with a few others that weren’t counted because they weren’t on TS. It took me a few days to calculate the scores up because of the amount of people playing, and the fact that I had to load the BF3Stats report for each game they played (sometimes the BF3Stats hangs and I have to wait a day for the system to clear up). Sunday wasn’t a straight lets-stay-in-the-air-killing day, but several of us managed to hop in a chopper or jet and get a few kills. The player that walked away with the most AIR KILLS this Sunday was TheGermanR00ster, with 10 Air Kills! Congrats R00ster, and we hope to see you online tonight to help populate the servers! ūüôā

AK907 Clan Battlefield 3 End Game

Congrats to this week’s winner: TheGermanR00ster!!!

Tonight’s Clan Event

Well, it’s Thursday again, and time for another one of our Weekly Clan Events! Tonight should be loads of fun as several of us plan on hopping online to try and get the RUSH server populated. I will be online all day (minimized) trying to start things off right, but I may try to start populating the AS server at some point today too.

I have been monitoring the servers regularly, and it seems there’s a couple of problems with some of the plugins, but I don’t know how to fix them without sitting down for hours and pouring over documentation and trying things until they work better. It seems the Auto-Balancer (We are using the plugin called TrueBalancerBF3) isn’t configured well enough to properly balance skill on the AS server, which I believe is the reason why it has been dead since the weekend. One of the other problems we’re having is a complete lack of people trying to populate the servers. I can be on a server all day and it will not populate!

When I get online to play Battlefield 3, yeah sure I’m not going to lie, I would LOVE to hop on a FULL server and get some action, but most of the time I don’t. I hop on one of our servers, that no one else is on, and start trying to populate it to no avail of course. This can be looked at many other ways, but I look at it like this: Generally, Battlefield 3 players want to get on an already populated server, so if our server is not already populated, they’re not going to even try it. To attract players, attention to the clan, and all the other stuff we’d like to have, OUR [AK907] Clan Servers need to be populated so people WANT to play on them. If no one is on our servers to begin with, no one else is going to want to hop on anyways.¬†While Thursday’s are a great day to populate the server, it would be nice if they were all populated every day during the week – This is all I’m going to say about this for now – I’m just asking to try and keep a conscious effort to populate the [AK907] Clan Server. ūüôā

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!

Tonight’s clan event challenge is to have the MOST VEHICLE DESTROYED ASSISTS between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time. Congrats to the last clan event winner, Dedaciai, and good luck to tonight’s winner, whoever it may be! All that is required to register for this event is that you hop on our TeamSpeak 3 server, which can be done by clicking the TeamSpeak3 image here.

Battlefield 4


There has been a TON of hype about Battlefield 4 since the Twitter post of GameStop’s CEO after Sony announced their PS4, and I’ve been trying to find out more details, but things are still pretty closely guarded. There’s a big promo going on right now and the more people that sign into¬†the more they will release for us on March 27th, which is the “official” announcement date for Battlefield 4. You also get a free Battlefield 3 dog tag for entering the site, so if you’re in to swagger, I suggest you link on over there and get your tag on!

Dog Tags copyCheck out some of the details about BF4 here in the forum post I made, and leave comments so we can start a discussion! ūüôā

That’s all I have for today everyone, but I sincerely look forward to seeing you online tonight so we can all get together and get our servers populated and pwn the newbs!!!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Last night we had another great clan event with several people hopping online to help get things going. I got all of the servers configured with the End Game map packs, and switched them up a little so they are running 24 Slot Air Superiority, 48 Slot Rush, and 18 Slot CTF (Hardcore). We actually had both RUSH and AS servers full last night, and that continued until well after midnight!

Clan Event Winner

Last night we had 5 people on TeamSpeak, so there were definitely enough people to determine a winner for this weeks clan event! Since KUCF has won twice in a row, he is not¬†eligible¬†to win this event, but that doesn’t matter anyways because he didn’t get very many air kills. Fortunately, I hopped on the AS server before anyone else got online and had a couple of ace rounds there before hopping over to the RUSH server and trying to get it populated. Eventually the rest of the crew got online and joined us on the Rush server, and then it started to get full! I ended up switching myself to the other team at first because they were loosing pretty bad, and I wanted to make sure they stuck around. That was a bad choice, because I only won 1 round last night because of that… ūüôā I will say that I did have a couple of really nice rounds as far as points go, but I think everyone else did too.

AK907 Clan Battlefield 3 End Game

We ended up having some great rounds as far as points go, but only one person wins the event for tonight…

So Dedaciai hopped on for 3 rounds last night and ended up walking away with the prize due to getting 16 kills in one round (albeit most of them were my deaths)! Congrats to Dedaciai and we hope to see you online Sunday, and again next Thursday for the Weekly Clan Event!

This Sunday

This Sunday we’re going to do another one of these Clan Events and see who all is able to make it. The challenge will still be to obtain the MOST AIR KILLS between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM, so make sure you join us on our TeamSpeak 3 server (AK907.NET) so you are¬†eligible¬†to win! It’s going to be difficult to showcase two players, but I believe I can accomplish this with another widget in WordPress, so we’ll give them a week of fame as well!

There has been lots of playing around with server settings trying to get quickmatch to work correctly, along with making sure the configuration is ideal and people want to come play on our servers. I think we finally have most of this figured out, but what I’ve found is that the crowd changes every few days. When End Game first came out, our CTF server was getting a lot of the attention (AS is always full!), but lately (past two/three days) it has died down, so yesterday we changed it over to Rush and got a full 48 slot server again. I think there will be lots of map and game mode changes to try and get something that everybody wants to join in on, but for right now we are going to leave things as they are and see what happens.


AK907 Clan Battlefield 3 End Game

Congrats to this week’s winner: Dedaciai!!!

That’s all I have for this week, but make sure you join us this Sunday as well as next Thursday for our Weekly Clan Event! Also, check out our forums as registration is now open (but¬†SEVERELY¬†restricted¬†until I approve and authorize the account, so use a familiar nickname) and anyone can register! I have been monitoring spam attempts, and we get several of them a day, but so far they have been thwarted!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Last Thursday we had a great time with a couple people showing up for the Weekly Clan Event and then again on Sunday when some of the clan members came together for our first Clan Meeting, and then comes End Game with Air Superiority!

Thursday’s Clan Event Winner

Well, last Thursday we had another 7 hours of gaming and fun times. Unfortunately, only one person signed up in the forums, so the victor again is KUCF – Congrats man! I don’t have any screenshots or any other information to throw regarding last week’s clan event, but stay tuned for this week’s event because it’s bound to be fun times in happy town since the End Game released in the US today.

Sunday’s Clan Meeting

Sunday’s clan meeting was definitely healthy. I am glad to report that we are going to be keeping the 48 slot server at 48 slots, though at times that player count may change to conform to the “Quickmatch requirements” needed to try and get our server going. There’s a final report and follow-up regarding that meeting that has been posted here for everyone’s enjoyment:¬† (My notes are in RED in the second post in this thread)

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Battlefield 3’s End Game was released today including two new, original, game modes: CTF and Air Superiority
Join the AK907 Clan Thursday on TeamSpeak for a chance to win big with Air Kills!

Other Stuff

Dedaciai purchased a 24 slot Air Superiority-ONLY server for the clan for the rest of the month of March (Thanks Dedaciai!!!). I am happy to report that the server has been full most of the day now, and there has even been a queue for it at times! I have changed the 48 slot server over to CTF-ONLY as of about lunch time today. We’ll let this roll for a little while and see how well the CTF mode is taken. If things aren’t picking up for us in a couple days, we should probably switch it over to 24/7 CQ Large on the End Game maps and see how that’s taken.

 48 Slot End Game CTF:

 24 Slot End Game Air Superiority:

¬†(If you are looking for the [AK907] Clan Battlefield 3 servers, type “AK907” in the search box to find them!)

There was an additional patch that was released with the Battlefield 3: End Game map pack that fixed a couple of items on EA/DICE’s list. Here’s a brief overview of those fixes:

  • TV-missile should no longer be able to blow up the chopper shooting the missile (YAY!!!)
  • Fixed proximity¬†defense¬†on mobile¬†artillery¬†and increased proximity defense radius
  • Scavenger ticket count increased (by double)
  • Enabled player movement on Gun Master pre-rounds
  • Improved the position of the repair torch on the screen when repairing vehicles – it works now
  • Fix the issue where AT mines would count as vehicle kills
  • Fix an issue where player camera would flip 180 degrees if the player was revived in water
  • Added ticket status at the end of round screen for Scavenger
  • Enabled Co-Op dog tags to be used in-game now
  • Added some additional ProCon commands

There were a couple other lesser-known bugs that were patched as well. A full report from EA/DICE can be found here:

This Thursday’s Weekly Clan Event is sure to be fun times, so be sure to join us in TeamSpeak for your chance to win a week (or two!) of fame on our home page! This week’s challenge will, obviously, be to get the MOST AIR KILLS in light of the Air Superiority game mode that was released today. Be sure to hop on our TeamSpeak server between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time to get your pwn on!

That’s all I have for today, but I look forward to seeing you online to help get the servers going every day this week! ūüôā

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Thursday night’s clan event winner is discussed as well as End Game and the [AK907] Clan Meeting on Sunday.

[AK907] Clan Meeting

Next week is going to be a big week for [AK907] as we are going to be

  • Meeting Sunday to determine several factors about the clan as well as core members
  • Increasing the player count from 26 to 48 slots on our Chicago server
  • Switching the 48 man server to CTF-ONLY (on the 12th)
  • Purchasing an additional 24 slot Air Superiority-ONLY server (implemented¬†on the 12th)

I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a complete douche, but it is imperative that you join us on Sunday for the clan meeting. Even if you do not have anything to give, your opinion still matters to me and I would appreciate if everyone that has been on the TeamSpeak server in the past 6 months join us on Sunday to talk about things. The agenda for the meeting can be found here ( but the items I will be discussing are going to be brief and I will try to finish my topics as quickly as possible so I can address each of the people that join us for the meeting.

Last Night’s Winner

Last night I got online a little later than normal due to me being behind on a lot of things because of my move last week and my vehicle problems. I did catch up with a bunch of stuff and hop on the [AK907] Clan Battlefield 3 Server and try to get it going for us. After sitting in the map rotation that the clan voted on for about 2 hours with no one joining the server, I decided to change things up a bit and re-implement the GunMaster/Domination rotation. Sure enough, shortly after switching the maps to a Domination game mode, the server started receiving players. We managed to gather about 8-10 people online last night, and with 200% tickets we were able to hang on to most of those players through several maps until well after 11:00 PM.

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Congrats to this week’s winner: KUCF!!!


A big shout out to =365=X1101110266 for hopping on the server later last night and helping to maintain the player count! The =365= Insomnia Clan has pledged their assistance in helping the [AK907] Clan get going and with any questions we may have about clan related items. They have also offered to assist us in getting our server started, if we find we desperately need the help. ūüôā That being said, I would like to say “thank you” to everyone in the =365= Insomnia Clan for being so welcoming to us, and specifically for allowing me to ask the questions I’ve asked and to play on the =365= server without worrying about pissing people off. THANK YOU!

That being said, there was a sign-up in the forums last night for the weekly clan event, but since I’ve had such a rough week and only one person signed up for the event, I decided to change the event to “no sign-up required” for yesterday only, and to just work off of the people that hopped on the TeamSpeak server. This is going to be something that is discussed in the clan meeting on Sunday as well. Even given that I was going off of the TeamSpeak list, there was only 3 people (including myself) that were online for the clan event yesterday. After the dust settled and the kills were counter, it was determined that this weeks clan event winner was KUCF with a total of 116 kills! Congrats man, and good luck to everyone for next weeks event!!!

Battlefield 3: End Game

The End Game map pack has been released for Premium PS3 players, and while I haven’t downloaded and started playing it on my PS3 yet, I have read several reviews that have only gotten me more excited for this release! What has really got my goat is this video:

Specifically the first 25 seconds of it. I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty turned on from watching it again. I have read quite a bit about what EA/DICE was trying to accomplish with this final release and it definitely sounds like they have succeeded in what they were trying to accomplish. Their goal for End Game was to use the Fostbite 2 Engine to render 4 distinctly different seasons across 4 different maps:

  • Kiasar Railroad with it’s spring setting offering players a vast landscape with, as the name suggests, a railroad cutting through it creates a simple yet effective crossroad layout
  • Nebandan Flats is the summer settings with a low and very flat desert location offering players capture points centered around small groups of buildings to take¬†cover¬†in
  • Operation Riverside offers a “tangle of rural pathways leading down to a chaotic jumble of buildings”, including a river as a natural¬†boundary¬†and plenty of buildings to use as cover
  • Finally, Sabalan Pipeline with the winter season, that takes place in a snow-covered oil refinery with each capture point built around lots of cover

What’s obvious about these maps is they are definitely Battlefield maps with a familiar feel, not catering to a particular style of gameplay such as the CQD maps. The End Game map packs also bring back to Battlefield the original CTF and Air Superiority game modes which are bound to liven things up for a while until Battlefield 4 is released.

One of the most exciting items coming with End Game is the new DropShip, which is a C-130 Hercules that has the ability to drop vehicles  into much-needed locations:

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Dropship: A new vehicle that will be coming with the Battlefield 3 End Game map pack.

That’s all I have for today.¬†Congratulations¬†to KUCF for the win this week (second week in a row, so someone new has to win next week), and I look forward to seeing you all online Sunday at 9:00 PM (Central) for the [AK907] Clan Meeting.

Have a great weekend, and see you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Today’s blog post is about last weeks winner and this weeks challenge, and has been delayed due to some… Err… Problems that found me as of late. The main one being my vehicle apparently is a magnet and caused a truck to swerve off of the road, through a hedgerow, and into it. I’m confused though because it’s like the vehicle that hit mine was instantly repelled because by the time I made it to the bottom of the steps, the other vehicle had¬†disappeared.

AK907 Clan Battlefield 3

The old Civic dying a slow and lonely death…

Last Weeks Winner

Last Thursday was definitely fun times as several of us hopped on at various points throughout the evening to show the opposing team how it’s done. Unfortunately only a few people registered in the forums to win the event, and only one of those people showed up. Either way, I still think this guy would have won it because he was online most of the day and steady collecting awards…

Last week’s winner of the Thursday Night Weekly Clan Event was KUCF! Congrats man, and sorry it took me so long to get this up!!!

This Weeks Challenge

This week’s challenge is to HAVE THE MOST KILLS between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central time.

KUCF did start a sign-up thread in the [AK907] Forums, but since I’ve been a little preoccupied this week I’m going to go with the original “TeamSpeak Participants” instead of the signup sheet. Please do try to signup for these events on the forums though and don’t let this one get by you. The more you participate in the community, the more it will do for you. ūüôā

Unfortunately that is all I have for today… I will work my hardest to get a blog post up before the end of the night Saturday, in¬†preparation¬†for Sunday and to announce the winner of tonight’s event.


I wanted to mention a few words about these guys because they have been overly helpful to us throughout our server selection and build process. Not only do they have GREAT prices on¬†game servers¬† but they are more than willing to talk about anything you’d like and what really impressed me is their ability to read and understand some of my, very¬†lengthy, email¬†correspondence.

AK907 Clan Cheap Battlefield 3 Server Habitat4Gamers

Habitat4Gamers – The primary Battlefield 3 Server provider for the [AK907] Clan

Thank you CPx, Grumpy, Mr.West, and everyone else that has gotten us through the various questions and issues I’ve had with our server!!!

[AK907] Clan Meeting

Please do not forget to join us on Sunday at 9:00 PM Central time for our first ever [AK907] Clan Meeting. I’ve typed up the agenda and placed it in the forums, and if there’s something you would like to add to it, please comment in the forums as I will be referring to this particular post throughout the meeting.

AK907 Clan Logo

I am very excited that we’ve been able to come so far as to purchase our own Battlefield 3 server, and I’m proud of what we were able to overcome to get it. I really do want the [AK907] Clan to succeed and become a group of friends that enjoy playing online with each other and can use each other when times are tough.

I look forward to your participation, SOLDIER!

See you on the battlefield,



Hello everyone, and thanks for taking a look! I’m going to go over this weeks [AK907] Weekly Clan Event, our clan meeting coming up in March, and some more hints about Battlefield 4.

[AK907] March Clan Meeting Agenda

Please place a spot in your calendar and plan to attend the [AK907] Clan Meeting on Sunday, March 10th, starting at 9:00 PM Central Time. This meeting is going to be pretty much an informal “launch party” for the [AK907] Clan and we are going to determine if the clan members are willing to donate to the clan so we can have things like a clan server, bigger and better prizes, and what to do with “excess” funds. The agenda for the meeting is:

  • Discuss and obtain commitment from members who are willing to financially back the clan
    • We need to find out what our finances will be over the next month, 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years and at least get some commitment to the clan
  • Discuss what “donating” (aka: Core) members will receive for their donations
    • Additional privileges on the clan servers, additional abilities, and additional weight when voting/discussing the clan’s future?
  • Discuss what the goals of the clan is over the next year
    • To obtain enough donating members to purchase a Battlefield 4 server the second they come available
    • To increase interaction between members by way of the clan forums

[AK907] Weekly Clan Event

This week’s event is bound to be another fun one with several hours of pwnage! Sign up for the event is here:¬†If you do not sign up, you will not be eligible to win! You do NOT have to be a clan member to win this event! If you do not have an account on our forums, please send me a chat on TeamSpeak letting me know your name, nickname, and email address and I will create one for you.¬† This week’s challenge is to have the HIGHEST AWARD SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central time!

Make sure you join us on TeamSpeak by clicking the link below, and definitely hop on our Battlefield 3 server so you can join in on the action!

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!


Battlefield 4/Playstation 4

More and more has been coming out about Battlefield 4 since Sony announced their fourth gen console. Today I found out that Battlefield 4 will only be available on next-gen consoles, meaning if I want it, I’m going to have to spend massive dollars on a new PlayStation!

Sony and EA/DICE hinted at the possibility of Battlefield 4 being part of the Sony Announcement that took place on February 20th, 2013 by posting the image below 15 hours before the event.

AK907 Battlefield 3 ClanSome of the system specs include the use of x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” 8 core processor, AMD Radeon graphics, GDDR5 (8GB), GB Ethernet, and the list goes on. I think it’s going to be an interesting prospect that will definitely compete with Microsoft’s XBOX, especially after reading GameStop’s CEO’s twitter feed!

That’s all I have for today, but make sure you join us on Thursday for a fun night of gaming and competition!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Last night’s winner is announced along with some key information about the AK907 Battlefield 3 servers!

Thursday Night’s Clan Event

Last night we had several hours of great gaming, we filled up the [AK907] Clan Battlefield 3 Server (and had 2 people in the queue even after we all called it a night!), and we ended up with one winner for the night’s clan event.

The [AK907] clan TeamSpeak server had a high number of users on it as well, and we even had one of the guys that rented us our Battlefield 3 server hop on with us!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Last night there was enough people on TeamSpeak and the AK907 Battlefield 3 server to get it started. Here’s a snapshot of the TeamSpeak server last night.

We all ended up playing more rounds that I wanted to count on the [AK907] Clan Battlefield 3 server and had a lot of fun pwning newbs! The server is running a Scavenger/GunMaster game mode rotation on the Aftermath maps since it seems that rotation draws in the most amount of people the quickest.

Congratulations to the winner of Thursday Night’s Clan Event, with a total of 280 Team Score points, Dedaciai! Good luck to everyone, and save up your medals, for next week’s challenge to obtain the HIGHEST AWARD SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Congrats to this week’s winner: Dedaciai!!!

[AK907] Battlefield 3 Server

That rotation will change next week when we have the map rotation ironed out from the votes that are received via the survey. Only the top selected maps and rotations (no matter how many) will be selected for the [AK907] server rotation. I think we are going to have to refine the rotation until we have something that everyone likes playing on.

I’ve written a couple of posts for the clan members to use for administrating the Battlefield 3 server. They are basic commands that all donating members have access to, and you can check the sticky topics out here:¬†

These posts do NOT have the Admin Fundamentals in them, which would describe how to determine the punishment for a given crime on our server. Until these fundamentals are written and posted, please use extreme discretion when using the admin tools on other players. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and ask yourself “does this really deserve punishment?” We do NOT want to drive people away from the server!!!

I have installed TrueBalancer BF3 and enabled the skill balancer, so teams should be balanced according to skill and size. Please let me know by posting in the forums if there are any problems with this balancer and I will either correct the problem or disable the balancer and search for another one.

That’s all for this week, but make sure you check back in next week for a few more posts and Thursday’s Clan Event! And try to get our server going, it doesn’t take much so just hop on and wait for other people to show up. If you wait long enough, they will come!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!