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I’m not sure what everyone else has been up to as of late, but I have been pretty occupied with life. Lots of things have happened, life changes you know, but I’m still a gamer at heart and I don’t think there’s much that could stop that.

Before the TeamSpeak server went offline (long story, but suffice to say I’m working on remedying the issue as Discord is becoming a royal PAIN with all of the outages lately), I stopped play Battlefield and started playing other games, as did a lot of us. PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege, Call of Duty, and I’m sure a lot of the other guys continued their LoL and WoW (and now WoW: Classic) binges.
The first time I played PUBG with “the guys”, I excitedly asked (as I had just picked up a fat suppressor or something along those lines) “Ohhh, do you get to keep the loot if you die?”… They laughed, I laughed, but I didn’t know why… Then I asked if you get to keep it if you lived and won the match. They let me down gently, but I was really looking forward to something different than “drop in, find a gun/loot, and survive”. A few months after that, I saw ExecCS on Twitch trying out a new game called Escape from Tarkov. I studied the game carefully for a good week of watching streamers like Kotton, DeadlySlob, Markstrom, and others, before deciding to go “all-in” and buying the “PAY-TO-WIN” version of the game: the Edge Of Darkness Edition.

Escape from Tarkov Promo Art
Escape from Tarkov Promo Art

Edge of Darkness comes with a few perks over the standard game, but any paid-for version gets you on the battlefield, AND you get to keep the loot (if you live, or stick it far enough up your….). Looking back, I’m glad I got the EoD edition, but I do feel like I’m missing out (ever so slightly) on a bit of playability via the newly implemented hideout. On the other hand, I’m glad I do have this version of the game because I start out with a bigger, erm… “Container” that you can use to stick things in that will allow you to keep said things if you die. This can be a VERY big deal in the Tarkov Loot economy – making sure you make it out of the raid with SOMETHING in your container means you might be able to at least put a down payment on the next raid.

Raid’s don’t cost “money” to go into (with one minor exception there), but you generally want to go in more geared than not – though there are the fair share of “hatchet runners” / bambies. After playing this game pretty much solely for over 2 years, the way I see it is; the more protected you are when you first enter a raid, the better your chances of making it out alive are…
That said, be prepared to die, and die a LOT. If you have above a 15% survival rating prior to reaching level 25 or so, you’ll have done a LOT better than I did this season! I played Tarkov alone for the first 6 months and had some of the biggest jump-scares I’ve had, and my heart has been racing more playing this game than any other game (maybe with the exception of anger with Siege, LOL!). Being a solo-player on Shoreline in the middle of the night, wearing your first pair of NVG’s and a kit that’s WAY too big for your britches, and seeing a five-man even more kitted than you in the distance – and KNOWING you have the drop on them, will make you excited in ways that’s hard to describe. There’s “Only in Battlefield” moments, for SURE, but WOW are there “Only in Tarkov” moments too!

If you do decide to try out Tarkov, be warned that it is one of the most difficult games that I have ever had to learn how to play, but that journey was one of my favorites in ANY game so far. Personally, I’m glad I took the first 6 months of the journey alone, but things have changed with the game quite a lot in the past 2 years, and that opinion may change if I were to start again today. I have a good group of friends that I have made (some have stayed with me from Siege) and we team up pretty regularly to play squad matches of Tarkov – which is still VERY hardcore and there are LOTS of deaths (one night, I killed my own squadmate and myself multiple times with grenades, accidentally of course, but we were laughing the whole time). You have to use communication, callouts, and general map knowledge and game sense to figure out who is the bad guy and who is your buddy.

Here’s a short clip of a 3-man solo-takedown, with my team right behind me for backup. You’ll hear some coms, you’ll see how crazy and confusing things can be in the heat of the moment, and you’ll see some of the negatives we’re experiencing in the game (note the lag the third player had before he died). It’s not like that all of the time; when it’s good, it’s really good, when it’s bad, it sucks. I think it’s gonna take a lot to tear me away from this game though…

TheGovernor: Sending them back to the Lobby!

In the interim, until we can get the TeamSpeak up again, or some other permanent form of team-communication, anyone is welcome to catch up with me and the crew on my Escape from Tarkov Discord that can be located here: https://discord.gg/DG38DDx

I will try to update y’all more frequently, but no promises!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER,

TheGovernor / GvnrRickPerry