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Last night’s winner is announced along with some key information about the AK907 Battlefield 3 servers!

Thursday Night’s Clan Event

Last night we had several hours of great gaming, we filled up the [AK907] Clan Battlefield 3 Server (and had 2 people in the queue even after we all called it a night!), and we ended up with one winner for the night’s clan event.

The [AK907] clan TeamSpeak server had a high number of users on it as well, and we even had one of the guys that rented us our Battlefield 3 server hop on with us!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Last night there was enough people on TeamSpeak and the AK907 Battlefield 3 server to get it started. Here’s a snapshot of the TeamSpeak server last night.

We all ended up playing more rounds that I wanted to count on the [AK907] Clan Battlefield 3 server and had a lot of fun pwning newbs! The server is running a Scavenger/GunMaster game mode rotation on the Aftermath maps since it seems that rotation draws in the most amount of people the quickest.

Congratulations to the winner of Thursday Night’s Clan Event, with a total of 280 Team Score points, Dedaciai! Good luck to everyone, and save up your medals, for next week’s challenge to obtain the HIGHEST AWARD SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Congrats to this week’s winner: Dedaciai!!!

[AK907] Battlefield 3 Server

That rotation will change next week when we have the map rotation ironed out from the votes that are received via the survey. Only the top selected maps and rotations (no matter how many) will be selected for the [AK907] server rotation. I think we are going to have to refine the rotation until we have something that everyone likes playing on.

I’ve written a couple of posts for the clan members to use for administrating the Battlefield 3 server. They are basic commands that all donating members have access to, and you can check the sticky topics out here:¬†

These posts do NOT have the Admin Fundamentals in them, which would describe how to determine the punishment for a given crime on our server. Until these fundamentals are written and posted, please use extreme discretion when using the admin tools on other players. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and ask yourself “does this really deserve punishment?” We do NOT want to drive people away from the server!!!

I have installed TrueBalancer BF3 and enabled the skill balancer, so teams should be balanced according to skill and size. Please let me know by posting in the forums if there are any problems with this balancer and I will either correct the problem or disable the balancer and search for another one.

That’s all for this week, but make sure you check back in next week for a few more posts and Thursday’s Clan Event! And try to get our server going, it doesn’t take much so just hop on and wait for other people to show up. If you wait long enough, they will come!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



The AK907 Clan Battlefield 3 Server is now online!

It was purchased last night and was configured throughout the evening. About 10 people hopped online and started the server, and a fewrandoms hopped in too. We had a couple of rounds of rush before the end of the night, but today I changed the map rotation a little bit and eliminated the rush mode. This is just temporary until next week when I can tally the responses to the survey I have posted below. The survey is open to anyone, but I would ask that if you hang out on the TeamSpeak server that you leave your name so I know those answers are from our community.

(The survey was removed from this blog post because it was causing a strange issue where focus was directed to it when arriving at the home page, causing people to scroll to the top of the page. To participate in the survey, please follow this link:


End Game

Battlefield’s next map pack titled End Game, due out in March, has been talked about quite a bit recently, and a ton of really cool details have came to light! There is an expansive blog post (here), from Battlefield, that details the maps and their supporting game modes, along with distinguishing features about the maps. I recommend you take a read if you really want to see what these new maps are going to be like.

That being said, EA/DICE did post 4 hi-res screenshots of the new maps, and I’ve brought them here, to you, free of charge. ūüôā

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Kiasar Railroad Water

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Nebandan Flats Water

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Operation Riverside Water2

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Sabalan Pipeline WaterBe sure you click on the pictures to bring up the hi-res photos!

Please donate so we can keep this Battlefield 3 server up and operational, and remember to put your BF3 name on the form as well so I know who you are!

Don’t forget to sign up for this Thursday’s Weekly Clan Event in the forums too! This is going to be something that we’re going to start doing regularly so more people come to the forums. It’s a GREAT way to interact with the community and really be a voice in the clan! Here’s the link for the sign-up forum, and if you don’t have a WordPress or AK907 Forums account (WordPress and AK907 accounts carry over), let me know what you want your username to be and I’ll hook you up with a password:

That’s all for today! Be sure you complete the survey above so we can get a map rotation going that’s a little more “official”. I will tally responses next week!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope today is a great day for you! I want to start off with some recent updates and new information regarding the AK 907 clan and go over the sign-up for the challenge for this week’s Weekly Clan Event.

AK 907 Updates

The AK clan has been looking to grow members since we started, we have been looking to get our own server system since we started, and we have been looking to make the AK907 clan better in any way we can. We are VERY close to getting our own Battlefield 3 server (this week or next), we already have our own CS:S server, and we have the option of building one of about 68 different game servers from GameTracker now as well (I built a BF2142 (RANKED) server last night, but will probably take it down and replace it with something else soon), and we have our own TeamSpeak 3 server along with a web host to call home (Thanks Bobby!)

There are going to be some changes in the future to how the clan is organized and how decisions are made, and I want everyone to rest assured that I personally am going to try to keep things as RELAXED as possible while ensuring the AK 907 Clan and it’s members are protected. Some ideas I’ve been tossing around:

  • The addition of a cabinet/board members to make decisions for the clan (including decisions about rules, enforcement, treasury, and any major decision affecting the clan)
  • The addition of a weekly or monthly “Clan Meeting” – This would probably be a Sunday Night thing and it would be a quick 15-60 minute discussion about the clan, members, servers, or anything else AK 907 Clan related
  • Using the forums more! For voting (possibly voting for the weekly clan event challenges, among other items), structure, and discussions

I have a meeting with the leader of another clan tonight to discuss successes and failures and what we can do to become a bigger clan. I hope to have our Battlefield 3 server purchased sometime after that meeting and will fill everyone in the SECOND that purchase has been made (stay tuned – it’s coming this week guys)!

The CS:S server was down for about a week, but is now back online and the Mani Admin Mod is working

Weekly Clan Event

This week, there will be a registration required to win the Weekly Clan Event! You *MUST* sign up on the forums (here: and join us on TeamSpeak to be eligible to win the prize of a week of fame on the home page. You do NOT have to be an AK 907 Clan Member to sign up for, and win, this challenge! All you must do is sign up and join us on TeamSpeak!


Clan AK 907

This weeks challenge is to obtain the highest Team Score in the given time frame.

I know that Dedaciai (now lvl 100 colonel!!!) may be unavailable for this weeks event, and Gr0wzy may also be unavailable, but just because a few members aren’t available doesn’t mean I’m not going to be there. I will be online ASAP Thursday and will remain online until after 11PM.

The challenge for this week is to have the HIGHEST TEAM SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time. Congrats to last week’s winner Gr0wzy, with his second win in a row! Since he’s won twice in a row, he is not eligible to win this week’s challenge.

That’s all I have for today, so I hope you have a great rest of the week and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday for our Weekly Clan Event.

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Thursday night was another great night full of Battlefield love. Several members hopped on throughout the night for 7 hours of complete pwnage.

We started out playing some Scavenger on Hostile Takeover, moved over to some HT:CQD, played a LOT of Conquest Large and Conquest Assault, and finished on a few Rush rounds last night. We won almost everything we were all on the same team for (the hardest part about these clan events is getting everyone on the same team!), but some of us did lose a couple of rounds because we were split up. ¬†Personally, I had a LOT of fun in the choppa on the Gulf of Oman, and can’t wait to do it again!

Dedaciai got “hung up” while he was SOFLAMing in the scout choppa with me and got shot out onto the hood of the choppa! I had to take a screenshot, and barely caught it, but here it is ūüôā :

Dedaciai AK907 Clan Battlefield 3

Dedaciai got shot out of the choppa, but ended up on my hood for some reason – I had to screenshot it!

As for last night’s challenge, it was a pretty close one. I thought about calculating the score several different ways before finally deciding that I would just stick with the “highest general score in the given timeframe” standard. The winner of last night’s event, with 98,326 General Score, was Gr0wzy, for the second week in a row! Congrats to Gr0wzy and the best of luck to the new winner of next week’s challenge (since no single player can win the event more than twice in a row)!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Congrats to this week’s winner: Gr0wzy!!!

Just for grins, I figured I would post the spreadsheet so everyone could see how close of a challenge this one was (it really could have gone to about 4 people if we would have just played a couple of rounds more than Gr0wzy)!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan


That’s all I have for this time, but please join us next Thursday for another 7 hours of fun and pwnage! I’m not sure what next weeks challenge will be just yet, but I will post something on it next week.

Until next time, see you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Hey everyone, just a little reminder about tonight’s Weekly Clan Event!!!

Tonight we are going to be competing for another week of fame on the AK907 home page. You must join the TeamSpeak server (click the TeamSpeak image below to be connected) and you you must let me know that you’re going to be competing (so I can track your stats).

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!

The challenge for tonight is to obtain the highest GENERAL SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM. Please join us tonight for some friendly competition and lots of fun!

That’s all I have for this post, but check back tomorrow where, hopefully, I will have time to post the results of tonight’s competition!

Thanks for reading, and see you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Last night the AK907 Clan had a great turnout with 6 people competing for fame on the AK907 Clan home page, and of course bragging rights! Only one person came away a winner though…

Since we weren’t playing close-combat all night, there was almost a tie… But one person came through and broke the tie, and then proceeded to double the amount of grenade kills that anyone else had. We tried almost every game mode that Battlefield 3 offers though, and I will say the variety was a welcome change from our standard CQD pwnage. The first server we all hopped on was a mix of GG and Scavenger on the AM maps, and it was great fun, but with 5 level 100’s on the¬†opposing¬†team, it was kind of difficult for us to gain the high-ground and give them a run. We ended up dumping that server and hopped on some CQD for a couple of rounds before switching over to straight CQ to try some vehicle play, then someone mentioned it would be difficult to get grenade kills while riding around in a vehicle, so we finished out the night with four rounds of Rush on Operation Metro. We ended up putting a couple of smart-asses in their place on the Rush server too, which is what they get for talking trash. ūüôā

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

No Level 100!

Congrats to the winner of last night’s event, with a total of 8 grenade kills beating out anyone else by at least double, is Gr0wzy!

AK907 Clan Battlefield 3

Congrats to this week’s winner: Gr0wzy!!!

Next week the challenge will be to have the HIGHEST GENERAL SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time, so be sure to join us on our TeamSpeak server for a chance to win!

That’s all for this week, but be sure to check back next week for more info about next week’s Weekly Clan Event, and don’t forget to join us next Thursday for at least 7 hours of pwnage during the Double XP Premium Event for February!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Hey everyone, don’t forget to click the image below to join us on our TeamSpeak server for tonight’s clan event! We will be competing for a chance to win a week of fame on the AK907 Clan’s home page, and of course bragging rights – all you have to do is obtain the MOST GRENADE KILLS between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time!

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!

February Premium Bonus Content

The bonus content for this month was released earlier this week. It includes a couple of premium dog tags, but not much else:

Battlefield 3 Premium February  Bonus Content

Battlefield 3 February Premium Bonus Content

If you haven’t checked out the End Game videos from my previous post, be sure to check them to so you can get a glimpse of what’s to come next month, including the return of Capture the Flag and Air Superiority!


AK907 Clan Server

There’s no real updates as far as our clan servers go. The CS:S server is still online and operational, but I haven’t been able to work on the previously mentioned mods. I’m also looking into purchasing CS:GO so I can start building our CS:GO server, but that will take up a significant portion of time that I haven’t got to spare right now.

Our donations have not increased, so we are still about $25 short from getting a 16 slot server and about $64 short from getting a 48 slot server – if you have the finances to donate and would like to have your own AK907 Clan Server, please do!



That’s all for now, but be sure to join us tonight for a little friendly competition and stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of tonight’s clan event!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


The winner of Thursday night’s Weekly Clan Event and a peak into what we’re getting in March with End Game.


Weekly Clan Event

This week’s clan event went well with a few clan members joining on TeamSpeak to show the enemy team how it’s done. I was only able to make it online around 9:30, so didn’t get too much time to get caught up with everyone else… Still I managed to come away with -19.41 skill the few minutes I was able to play. Dedaciai came in with -47.91, Gr0wzy 30.95, and the¬†congratulations¬†to the winner of tonight’s event, TheGermanR00ster, for coming through with 101.39 skill. He had a great round and really showed the Russians how to play with the AEK-971.

TheGermanR00ster AK907 Clan Battlefield 3

The winner of Thursday’s event is TheGermanR00ster!

Battlefield 3 -End Game Details

Today some additional details were released regarding the EA/DICE Battlefield 3’s End Game map pack due out in March of this year. A couple of videos were posted that showed the use of these new game modes and some of the excitement we might expect from them.

The first video is a good peak at  Battlefield 3 End Game Capture the Flag mode and a couple of the new weapons and vehicles that they bring to the table.

It definitely looks interesting, but I’m honestly wondering if the whole flag run that is in the video is staged or if that is actual gameplay and a real¬†representation¬†of what it will be like. I’m also left wondering how big those CTF servers will get, will they be 16, 32, 48, or 64 man servers and at what point will it be “too much”?

The second video is all about Battlefield 3’s new Air Superiority game mode. It looks to be quite a bit of fun and you actually get a glimpse of one the of capture points in the video above, at the very end. If you are premium member, follow the link below, log in to your Battlelog, and check out the video and let me know what you think about it. At one point, I counted 10 jets on the screen (5 v 5) and it was an epic ¬†scene to leave us drooling on.

I’m looking forward to Battlefield 3 End Game now because it looks like it’s going to bring back some of the core Battlefield game modes and go back to the roots of what makes Battlefield, Battlefield. The use of the Frosty2 engine is a real benefit to us players, even though we have our good days and bad days… At the end of the day, it’s still a fun game, and I’d keep playing it if it wasn’t for the next game right around the corner.

AK907 Clan Battlefield 3

A glimpse of the Air Superiority game mode coming with the March release of the End Game map pack, that is expected to be EA/DICE’s last major release for the game.

There’s also some additional tidbits about the End Game map pack that EA/DICE posted in their blog, titled End Game – First Look, which you can find here:

That’s all I have for this week, but check back next week when we’ll be discussing next week’s Clan Event challenge and trying to come up with some new ways to make you sweat.

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Last Thursday we had another great 7 plus hours of gaming with various AK 907 clan members, all competing for a chance at fame… Only one person walked away with the best K/D Ratio, and the winner is announced below! Along with the winner announcement, we have a few items of interest for the clan servers and a call for help!

Thursday Night’s Winner

Thursday we got down on several different maps, some CQD and some¬†Reggie¬†CQ. After tallying up the scores, it wasn’t even close… Gr0wzy pwned all of us hard with his 1.80 K/D Ratio.The next closest was myself with 1.03, then Dedaciai with .99, and lastly KUCF with .91.

I wish that the stats tracking was working on our CS:S server because we actually hopped on it the last 2 hours of the night and SEVERAL older clan members joined us for some friendly rounds of GunGame… It was a blast and the K/D Ratio would have been nice to track, but the resources weren’t available to me to track CS:S players just yet (what can I say, CS:S ain’t no Battlelog…)

I just don’t know how he does it, but congrats to Gr0wzy and best of luck this Thursday when we will be competing for another week of fame on our home page, and of course bragging rights!

This week’s competition will be to obtain the highest SKILL between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM, on Thursday. I think this week’s event is going to be just luck of the draw because if any of us can actually manipulate the SKILL stat, I would be very surprised… From what I hear, it’s quite complex and has almost nothing to do with Battlefield at all, but more the make and model of vehicle you drive (personally, IRL).

Gr0wzy AK907 Clan Battlefield 3

The winner of Thursday’s event is Gr0wzy!

CounterStrike:Source Server

The AK 907 Clan’s CounterStrike:Source Server has been running with no issues for a couple of weeks now. Last Thursday several clan members hopped on during the clan event, but I was unable to track their stats due to some problems with the stats-tracking plugins on the server. I am planning on installing several other mods onto the server (ScoutzKnivez (SK), JailBreak (JB), Knife Arena (KA), Surf, ETC), but there’s a few reasons why I haven’t started on those installations…

  1. What maps do I install?

    1. I know not all of the mods have a ton of maps, but it would be VERY helpful to know what YOU, the players, want from each of these mods
  2. What mods do I install and where do I get them?

    1. I’m assuming SK is a mod, but where do I download the installation from, and what is it a plugin for (SourceMod, MetaMod, etc)?
  3. ManiAdmin Menu.

    1. I will need to re-write the code for the ManiAdmin Menu for each of these plugins to work through the menu, AND I need to figure out how to create a command or script that will restore all of the default CS:S settings, so if we just want to play a clean round of CS:S on de_dust2 with all of the default spawn points, we can just select that option from the menu. This presents a problem to me because I don’t have time to write a new menu code just yet, but may have time in a month or three. On top of that, how do I restrict the menu so only the financially supporting¬†members have pretty much unrestricted access, and what do I give the non-financially supporting members access to (by “restrict” I mean what should they have access to and what should they not have access to)? If you don’t support the clan, why should you have the ability to change maps, kick, change game modes, etc? These are all questions that I have that members of the clan need to come together and discuss. The forums would be an excellent spot to start this discussion, but the discussion hasn’t been started yet (check back SOON).


Battlefield 3 Server

The AK 907 Clan is still looking to purchase its own BF3 server and has made a little progress on the donation side (we’re up to just over $6!), but we’re not even half way to getting our own 16 man server, let alone a 48 man. I think that I will keep trying to promote donating to the clan for the next few months until I get enough extra cash to purchase a 48 man server for a month. Over that month we can gauge the public reaction to the server and see what kind of interest we get in the clan. If things are good and we obtain several new members over the month of having the server, maybe we can reduce the number of players on the server to a number that matches our monthly donations the next month and keep operating under such organization.

Do any of the clan members have any thoughts or ideas about the above? Please speak to GvnrRickPerry or Dedaciai so we can document your responses and make a decision to move forward based on clan input.



I would like to thank everyone for joining us for the AK907 Weekly Clan Event – it definitely makes for a fun time and gives us something to compete for!

¬† ¬†I would like to put forward the¬†opportunity for clan members (meaning, anyone that is listed on the roster located HERE¬†in the forums) to be more active in the Clan. If you have time, are interested in making the AK907 Clan better, and are willing to put the time in, send GvnrRickPerry an email, Facebook message, TS3 message, or hit me on TeamSpeak and let me know what you’re interested in doing. I will see what I need to do in order to get you the access you need to help the clan out. Things I have in mind are

  • Writing articles for the blog
  • Optimizing the SEO for the blog
  • Marketing the clan
  • Upkeep on the blog, forums, clan servers, or any other function (may require technical skills and Linux experience)
  • Posting daily on the Facebook or Google+ Clan page (daily posts make us look more active!)
  • Brainstorming to come up with ideas for the clan
  • Anything you can think of that would improve our clan image and make us more appealing to the public

Of course everyone on the clan roster is responsible for recruiting new members into the clan, so that was left out of the list above, but seriously; anything you can think of that would help the clan grow, we are open for.

That’s all for now. Until next time, see you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Today’s blog post will feature a few Battlefield 3 Wallpapers that I have found on the net, an update on the CounterStrike:Source server and the mods and maps that are installed on it, as well as this weeks Clan Event.

Donate to our Cause!

Firstly, I want to mention that we have setup the clan to accept donations for the purchase/rental of our own AK907 Battlefield 3 server! Please donate to the cause via the donate button in the sidebar or below. The goal is to raise 65$ per month to pay for a 48 man – all maps – Battlefield 3 CQ and/or CQD server. All AK907 members will have permissions on the server, but those that donate to the cause will receive additional permissions on the server. The “basic” permissions are going to be VERY restricted, while the actual financially supporting members will have pretty much free¬†reign¬†on the server as far as permissions go.

Right now we are $6.19 closer to having a server, so please donate to the cause!

Battlefield 3 Wallpapers

I’ve been looking for various items to bring to our blog, but honestly the Battlefield 3 news is diminishing. I believe the devs are busy working on Battlefield 4 or End Game so they have slowed their posting on the Battlefield 3 blog, so much that their last post was in November!? In any case, I ran across some very nice Battlefield 3 wallpapers that I think you may enjoy. Click the image below to be taken to the BF3 Blog where the wallpaper can be downloaded.

Battlefield 3 - The Russian

The Russian wallpaper from

AK907 Clan CountersStrike:Source Server

As you all know I’ve been working on getting a CounterStrike:Source server up and running for us, and I think I finally have everything where I want it to be. I have installed several plugins, a ton of additional (very popular) maps, and the GunGame script. I’ve been testing it out, refining things, over the past week and I think it’s finally at a place where I can be hands-off and just kind of let things run. For everyone’s information, the following plugins are installed:

  • Mani Admin Plugin
  • MetaMod:Source
  • SourceMod
  • SourceHook
  • Mattie’s EventScripts
  • CS:S Tools
  • SDK Tools
  • GunGame:SourceMod

On top of the above mentioned plugins, I have installed the following map list onto the CS:S Server:

Map Name: Map Name: Map Name:
aim_ag_colorarena_gg.bsp gg_dipmap.bsp gg_mini_mario_cd.bsp
cs_assault.bsp gg_dm_bloodarena3.bsp gg_monopoly.bsp
cs_compound.bsp gg_dm_chinzak.bsp gg_natus_v2.bsp
cs_havana.bsp gg_dm_hangumhigh-m.bsp gg_neonarena.bsp
cs_italy.bsp gg_dulce_arena.bsp gg_neonarena_ii.bsp
cs_militia.bsp gg_dust_forts.bsp gg_nhs_good_and_evil_rev2.bsp
cs_office.bsp gg_dust2.bsp gg_office.bsp
de_aztec.bsp gg_eddland.bsp gg_office_hardcore_final.bsp
de_cbble.bsp gg_egypt.bsp gg_origin.bsp
de_chateau.bsp gg_evergreenpark.bsp gg_overpass.bsp
de_dust.bsp gg_factory.bsp gg_pink_panther_2.bsp
de_dust2.bsp gg_fearwallhax_v1.bsp gg_pink_panther_deagle.bsp
de_inferno.bsp gg_fiasco5.bsp gg_pistol_3floor.bsp
de_nuke.bsp gg_fight_yard.bsp gg_playground_b.bsp
de_piranesi.bsp gg_finalarena_cq-l.bsp gg_pool_day_gx.bsp
de_port.bsp gg_floatworld.bsp gg_poolday_reunion.bsp
de_prodigy.bsp gg_fortrush_bm.bsp gg_poolday_reunion_lite.bsp
de_tides.bsp gg_funround.bsp gg_prey.bsp
de_train.bsp gg_funtimes_textures-l.bsp gg_prisoncompound.bsp
gg_2gfu_forts_final.bsp gg_fy_alienz.bsp gg_project_goty.bsp
gg_4rglassquest.bsp gg_fy_area_762a.bsp gg_punishment.bsp
gg_715_darkdoom.bsp gg_fy_battlefield.bsp gg_redglock_s.bsp
gg_ag_arena.bsp gg_fy_brickworld_final.bsp gg_rockpile.bsp
gg_ag_rush_v2.bsp gg_fy_funtimes.bsp gg_ruins_dawn.bsp
gg_aim_47th_v2-l.bsp gg_fy_icecabin_day_gzm-m.bsp gg_sand_yard.bsp
gg_aim_ag_texture_city.bsp gg_fy_icecabin_gzm-m.bsp gg_scope_grassland_v4.bsp
gg_aim_ag_texture_jungle-l.bsp gg_fy_iceworld.bsp gg_scoutshine.bsp
gg_aim_ag_texture2-m.bsp gg_fy_iceworld_arena.bsp gg_scoutz_hc.bsp
gg_aim_ag_texture5-l.bsp gg_fy_italy.bsp gg_scoutzknivez_hc.bsp
gg_aim_close.bsp gg_fy_mini_dust2.bsp gg_shotgunremix.bsp
gg_aim_dust2003_v2.bsp gg_fy_paradox_day.bsp gg_shotty_churches.bsp
gg_aim_pistol_3floor_v3.bsp gg_fy_scrapyard.bsp gg_shotty_snow.bsp
gg_aim_pyramide.bsp gg_fy_sewer_v2-m.bsp gg_simpsons.bsp
gg_aim_shotty.bsp gg_fy_shootup.bsp gg_simpsons_32.bsp
gg_aim_sic.bsp gg_fy_snow.bsp gg_simpsons_arena.bsp
gg_aquatica.bsp gg_fy_stoneworld_obe.bsp gg_simpsons_burg.bsp
gg_ar_desert_outpost.bsp gg_gamecube.bsp gg_simpsons_green.bsp
gg_autumn.bsp gg_gardenworld.bsp gg_simpsons_h.bsp
gg_aztec_mini_beta.bsp gg_gladiator.bsp gg_simpsons_house_v2.bsp
gg_bathroom.bsp gg_glass_world.bsp gg_simpsons_street.bsp
gg_beacn_redux.bsp gg_glassedpartition.bsp gg_simpsons_x.bsp
gg_beacon.bsp gg_grasshills_neo_css.bsp gg_snowballwars_final.bsp
gg_beat.bsp gg_graveyard.bsp gg_spacebar.bsp
gg_blue_arena.bsp gg_h7-25_beta2.bsp gg_sp-cbble_b02.bsp
gg_blue_arena_32.bsp gg_hammer_b2.bsp gg_speedcastle_textures_sig.bsp
gg_bob_eponge.bsp gg_hamsterhole.bsp gg_spongebob_v3.bsp
gg_bpc_squeeky.bsp gg_headtrip_concrete.bsp gg_stranded.bsp
gg_brokenworld_v2.bsp gg_hutx_baserace_b1.bsp gg_strategicthrust.bsp
gg_buzzkills_cd.bsp gg_hutx_underground_b2.bsp gg_supadeth.bsp
gg_canyon.bsp gg_iceland_ip_1.bsp gg_supadeth_b3.bsp
gg_castle_wars.bsp gg_iceworld_neo_css_v2.bsp gg_tcamp_b1.bsp
gg_castles_park.bsp gg_icus_hallways.bsp gg_temple_arena.bsp
gg_castles_park_v2.bsp gg_jamaica.bsp gg_tense.bsp
gg_churches_v2.bsp gg_ka_fallingtrash.bsp gg_texture_keskonsmar.bsp
gg_churches_x.bsp gg_killzone_ga.bsp gg_texture_mania.bsp
gg_churches_x_final.bsp gg_knas_bunker_css.bsp gg_toon_poolday.bsp
gg_churches_x_final_fixed.bsp gg_knas_speedcastle_css_64.bsp gg_toycarpark.bsp
gg_cirular.bsp gg_knas_speedcastle_css_64-m.bsp gg_trainstation.bsp
gg_cluster.bsp gg_lego_arena.bsp gg_trash_metall.bsp
gg_cold_day.bsp gg_lego_arena_2.bsp gg_tripoli.bsp
gg_corner_v7.bsp gg_Lego_MAFIA_arena.bsp gg_trs_aim_churches.bsp
gg_cowtown_farm27t.bsp gg_Lego_X_Arena.bsp gg_trs_aim_churches_v2.bsp
gg_csbase2.bsp gg_liek_z0mg_texture.bsp gg_tweaked_out_turbo_tex.bsp
gg_dash_courtyard.bsp gg_lm_dust_arena2.bsp gg_tx_complex_v1.bsp
gg_de_alivemetal.bsp gg_loft.bsp gg_ultradeth_b1.bsp
gg_dead_b2.bsp gg_mad_churches.bsp gg_usp_milly.bsp
gg_deagel_x.bsp gg_manfly_textured.bsp gg_war_james_opposing_huts_v6.bsp
gg_deagle5.bsp gg_mansion_beta.bsp gg_wild.bsp
gg_deagle5_4hm.bsp gg_mario.bsp gg_wizard_v2rs.bsp
gg_deagle5_final.bsp gg_mario_bloodarena.bsp gg_wmd_missile.bsp
gg_deagle5_rock_d_d.bsp gg_mario_temple.bsp gg_wmd_react_mini2.bsp
gg_deaglewire.bsp gg_mario_vs_wario.bsp gg_wmd_temporal.bsp
gg_deathplatforms_v1b.bsp gg_mario_world.bsp gg_wolfenstein_3d.bsp
gg_desert_campaign.bsp gg_midnight_library.bsp gg_ws_glasscortex.bsp
gg_desertstorm_v2.bsp gg_mini_house.bsp gg_xbox.bsp
gg_desertstorm_v3.bsp gg_mini_mario.bsp test_hardware.bsp
gg_dglknife_v4.bsp gg_mini_mario_2.bsp test_speakers.bsp

Not all of the maps above are in the Mani Admin Plugin, but I have tried to select the most popular maps and ensure they are in the plugin so you can change the maps via the plugin when you desire to do so.

Lastly, I will need everyone’s SteamID so I can add you to the ¬†Mani Admin Plugin so you can administrate the server. Please get this to me as soon as possible so I can finish setting up the CS:S Server and call it complete. Once I have a small group of SteamID’s and I’ve updated the clients list on the Mani Admin Plugin, I will post a brief overview of the Mani Admin Plugin and how to use it. It’s the simplest administration plugin out there and way less complicated than RCON or many other server management tools. If you do not know your SteamID, please go here:¬† and fill out the requested information so you can obtain this ID. You can leave your SteamID in the comments or in the forums as I have posted a new post in the AK907 Members section regarding this. If you do not have access to the forums, just let me know and I can get you set up.

This Week’s Clan Event

This Thursday we will be having another Clan Event. All are welcome to participate and compete for the prize of a week of fame on the home page and bragging rights. This week the challenge is to obtain the BEST K/D RATIO between the hours of 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM this Thursday. I will go through all of the Battle Reports once 11:00 PM rolls around and calculate the best K/D average for all participants who have joined our TeamSpeak server. You MUST join the Clan TeamSpeak server to be eligible to win this event!!!

I’m thinking maybe this Thursday we could hop on the CounterStrike:Source server for a few rounds as well. There are bots on the server, and I actually had a few random’s hop on with me last night while I was testing it out. We had at least 5 rounds of fun before I had to call it a night!

That’s all I have for today, but I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!