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Hey everyone, just wanted to get some quick updates out about various things going on within the clan; including items like the Weekly Clan Event, internal ranking structure, and updates from the Battlefield.

If you would like to apply to be a member of AK907, there’s a new application created here: – Current [AK907] members, please direct interested candidates there to apply for membership.

[AK907] Weekly Clan Event

The [AK907] Weekly Clan Event has been happening regularly the past few weeks, however there has been multiple issues going on with stats logging. Part of the issue is that EA/DICE are not tracking things (at least not publicly) like advanced battlereports (like the ones we used to pull off of for BF3). AK907 members installed and configured a stats logging plugin (check it out here:, however the logging is not quite as detailed as we would like. Plus, you really need to have a background in SQL to get the right queries to get the data and reports we would like.

I will be working on an interim solution that will enable stats logging to a separate SQL database (outside of the public one mentioned above) only during the time of the weekly clan events. This will help us to more easily “use what’s already there” as far as the stats logging and web plugins go. I should have this ready to go before game time tomorrow, though I haven’t heard from Gr0wzy or Dedaciai yet as to what the challenge should be.

Considering everything above, I want you guys to know that we are striving to improve the member experience around AK907 and we are really trying to make an effort to get these Weekly Clan Events going again! Please stick through it, keep joining us on Thursday nights, and we’ll have a blast no matter what happens.

[AK907] Internal Ranking

There will be some changing coming up in the near days/weeks/months that will better outline the ranking structure within [AK907] Clan and will give all of the members a clearer picture as to what they need to do to “rank up” within the clan. As always, ranking up comes in large part with commitment and loyalty to AK907. This means things like recruiting, posting in our forums, Facebook, Google+, blog, or any other of our “clan” outlets, financial contributions to support the servers, seeding our Battlefield servers, and/or raising interest in AK907 via other outlets go a long way into considering a member for a promotion. AK907 is in need of various skills and we also have a lot of people here that are knowledgeable in the various items we need assistance with, so if you’re interested in learning a new technology (SQL or Server Administration for example), talk to a founding member so we can get a course set for you so you can learn some stuff!

The State of the Battlefield

DICE is continuing their patches and updates to Battlefield 4. The latest patch, R24 released on the 6th of Feb. broke some things and fixed some others. There is another patch (R25) due out Thursday that will address a ton of things, including the things that R24 broke. Some of us have high hopes that we will be unlocking those Second Assault assignments by playing Metro, but I wouldn’t count on that actually happening just yet. I know that they are getting ready to release the second map pack, we just don’t know when that will be – a lot of these patches have included items needed for Second Assault, so we know it is coming.

I know it has been a difficult journey up the highly patched Battlefield 4 road, with all the barriers and potholes along the way, but things are getting better. It’s time for us to come back together, as a group, and show our support to DICE and start playing the game more! Thursday nights are a prime time for this, and honestly we cannot do it without YOU there! Please show up on TeamSpeak between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time and join us for the weekly clan event!

That’s all for now; I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Todays blog post will go over some of the things that the [AK907] Clan is working toward, including the partnership with the newly formed GCN (Gaming Community Network), changes to our server(s), new features on our server(s), including plugins that have been installed and streaming screenshot hosting, the return of the weekly clan event, our upcoming clan meeting, among other things.

[AK907] Weekly Clan Events

The [AK907] Weekly Clan Events will be starting back up over the next few weeks, but GvnrRickPerry will no longer be heading them up. [AK907]Gr0wzy and [AK907]Dedaciai have volunteered (or have been volunteered) to take over the weekly clan event, so if you have thoughts or ideas about how this should work, please let them know! The weekly events should start the first or second week in January, though I am not sure about this because I haven’t heard anything about it since the event coordinators took over.

I will say that putting on those weekly events is no small task, especially now that AK907 has grown to 40+ members! So keep that in mind when you are participating in those events, and give those guys a break! 🙂

[AK907] and GCN

As most of you know, I’ve been trying to find a way to “partner” with other clans and communities so AK907 can not only better ourselves, but to try and grow some relationships that will help everyone involved out. Well, it looks like some other clans/communities had the same idea I did, and they came together and made an official statement about it a few weeks ago in the Battlelog forums (here’s a LINK if you want to take a look at it). Less than 48 hours later, they had already met with a DICE official and they have the full support of several of the largest communities in the world! GCN (Gaming Community Network) is influencing Battlefield by hosting well over a million unique player IDs between our communities, hosting over 10,000 slots on just our Battlefield servers, paying more than $250,000 in server rental fees in over 2 years (just for BF3!), and giving away tens of thousands of dollars in gaming merch, including copies of games, graphics cards, and peripherals to members of our communities.

GCN Logo

GCN Goals:

  • To create a focal point for Gaming Community Leaders and Admins to air their concerns and ideas
  • To take Battlefield to the next level of community involvement
  • To open up a direct line of communication with the developers of DICE and to voice the concerns of players and server owners alike
  • To engage with EA/DICE in constructive dialogue regarding our concerns
  • To facilitate cross-community events, ladders, and tournaments on a scale Battlefield has never seen

Requirements we have agreed to in order to be a GCN Member:

  • We agree to follow and enforce the Battlefield terms of service, clearly state our individual server rules, both in-game and on our website, to have a ban appeal process to give players a chance to plead their case, to agree to open lines of communication between GCN and other communities partnered with GCN, and to participate in GCN’s goals/initiatives.

Over the coming weeks and months you will hear various updates from me regarding items discussed in the GCN meetings. Some of the things I hope we accomplish through this group are increased server stability (lets face it, the servers still crash), assisting with setting up a knowledge-base, setting up tournaments and ladders for those who want to compete, and so much more!

A reminder to clan members: Please do your best to represent the DICE Terms and Conditions (AKA: BF3 Rules of Conduct) located here ( DICE has implemented things like “OFFICIAL” servers because of ridiculous amount of badmins in BF3. We want to follow the rules, to the letter, for DICE so hopefully they will give us server owners a little more freedom to control what we pay for. That being said, I would like to remind our server admins that we are not here to straight up sit and be admins all day. We are here to monitor our servers and enforce the EA/DICE terms and conditions (aka: Rules of Conduct), along with any rules that AK907 has. The last thing we want to do is to have to kick, or even worse, ban someone from our servers. There has only been one case where someone came into our servers and was blatantly disregarding both AK907’s rules as well as the DICE Rules of Conduct, even after being warned several times, and that person was issued a two week ban across all AK907 servers. The ban was announced in our forums, under the “Got Banned?” section, and the person could have came to plead their case, but they did not because they new they were in the wrong. The reason I am writing this is to set an example to all of the admins that AK907 has – please do your best not to “over-admin”, and only speak as an admin if you must. If you are thinking about saying something or taking action against a player on one of our servers, please take a look at the AK907 server rules (located here: and ask yourself if the player is really doing something wrong or just being annoying. If they are, warn them. If it continues after a few warnings, initiate a kick or a temp ban, and then POST IN THE FORUMS what action you took, what rule they broke, and why you did it… Try to include as much information in that post as possible, as it could come back to haunt you if it was a “badmin” decision.

The GCN is looking for volunteers for various things – if you think you could provide some benefit to them (video editing, marketing, recruiting, writing, server management, forum management, etc.) please let me know the skill-set you have so I can discuss it with them!

[AK907] Battlefield Server

There’s been a lot of changes to the [AK907] Battlefield 4 server since Battlefield 4 released. Including, more than 16 server-side updates from DICE, the installation of multiple plugins, and streaming configuration for several Anti-Cheat Ban sources.

AK907 currently has 3 Battlefield 4 servers – CQ/RUSH, DOM/OBLIT, and 24/7 MIXED MODE CHINA RISING VOTEMAP. All servers are 32 slot servers. This is a little much for us to manage right now, as I’ve seen we’ve been able to get two of the servers populated, but when we try to populate the third one, one of the other servers usually dies.

The end of this month will bring us change though. We are re-merging the DOM/OBLIT and RUSH/CQ servers to be a single 66 slot server, which I will be installing adaptive ticket count and adaptive player count plugins on to make them easier to populate. As far as maps, game modes, and rotations, I have no idea what we are going to do yet, but I will get some feedback about this at our next clan meeting so we can move forward with a consistent server model.

We are now proudly streaming our Punkbuster log files and active gamehack violation bans to/from the following Anti-Cheat sites:

AntiCheat, INC


These streams should limit the amount of hackers we have on our servers, and I am really looking forward to playing in this new “clean” environment! On top of the streams, we are also using a screenshot viewer tool to manage Punkbuster screenshots, and so far it is working GREAT!

On top of the above, our server is using at least the following plugins:

  • MetaBans
    • A global ban list used by many admins
  • xVotemap
    • A votemap utility where players can vote for the next map and game mode
  • MultiBalancer
    • A VERY complete rank and skill balancing utility that has come in quite handy in the past

We are still working out the various “kinks” caused by these various system, but all in all the environment should be well managed and very fun to play in. If something doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, please report it to myself via TeamSpeak, so I can either add it to the list or confirm it’s already on the list.

[AK907] Clan Meeting

Well the next clan meeting is coming up in a few weeks – it will be Sunday, January 5th, at 8:00 PM Central Time. I will be having semi-regular meetings with the GCN and hope to have lots of news to report to you guys regarding the ladder/tournament system by the time this meeting comes around. Please note that we will be holding a small vote during this meeting to get some feedback for game mode rotations and maps for the new 66 slot server we will have, along with announcing the newest AK907 members, and many other things that I would like to discuss! It’s sure to be an exciting one, so I look forward to seeing you all there!


Well that’s all I have for today… I’m not going to lie, this post has been written for a while, I just needed to change a couple things on it, ha-ha! I’m glad I was finally able to get it posted though, and before Christmas too!

I want to wish every single one of my members a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May you receive lots of gifts and not go broke buying gifts for everyone else. LOL!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



In today’s blog post, we will talk about the November 3rd [AK907] Clan Meeting (please be sure to show up – especially the admins) as well as the Battlefield 4 awards system that was recently posted in the Battlefield blog (link to source at bottom of post).

[AK907] Clan Meeting

The link to the agenda is here:

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!

Please take a look at it, and please show up for the meeting – especially the admins!  We will be discussing server administration, some changes throughout the clan structure, as well as the regular items that are discussed in these meetings (financials, etc).

Battlefield 4 Awards System

There was a very detailed post on the Battlefield blog that went over the vastness of he awards that you will get for playing Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 Awards

Some of the benefits that Battlefield 4 is bringing us that we wish Battlefield 3 would have brought to the table:

  • Extremely clear progression paths (meaning you know what you have to do to achieve a cer
    tain medal/rank/weapon/camo/dog tag/etc.
  • Every ribbon has a clear and corresponding medal
  • Field upgrades (meaning upgrades that your squad can obtain through squad-play)
  • Battlepacks – what they’re about and what’s in the
  • Not to mention the over 13,000 different earnable service stars for weapons, vehicles, and classes

Take a closer look at this info at the Battlefield Blog, located here:

That’s all for today, but stay turned for more info!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Hello ladies and gerbils, thank you for taking time out of your day to help us! The founders of the clan would like to request input from all members of the clan, and we need this information quickly (within the next week, preferably) so we can move forward with purchasing the Battlefield 4 server!

Battlefield 4

First, here are two emails I received from our current game server provider, Habitat4Gamers:

  • Hello Duane,It looks like $0.97/slot is the correct price!  If the price goes up before release date, we’ll honor the .97 for at least 3 months.  I don’t expect it to rise… but you know how PreOrder stuff can be :)We’ve put up a blurb about it here:
  • Duane,  one further note about slot counts. Appears EA is forcing people to pay for slots for Spectators & Commanders if you choose to use them.

The problems that we are currently faced with are location and slots.

We had discussed the amount of slots we wanted, and I believe we all agreed on a 64 player server for at least the first month, and possibly longer depending on our rankings at the end of the month. The issue we are now facing, is that EA is forcing us to pay for the commander and spectator slots. If we want to completely max out our server, we are looking at having to purchase 70 slots! The other problem is that if we stick with Habitat4Gamers, we might be stuck in a single location. I’ve emailed Habitat4Gamers and asked about the location system that they’re going to use with BF4 and should hear something back soon about that, and will let you guys know either way.


That being said, if Habitat4Gamers is able to accommodate us, and we are looking to completely max out our slots at 70, we are looking at the following cost:

$.97 X (66 Slots) = $64.02


Note that in the table I created below with the game server providers and prices, I’ve changed the slot count to 66 to accommodate 64 player slots plus 2 commander slots for all servers listed, so these are the prices we would pay if we did not want any Spectator slots.

If Habitat4Gamers is not able to accommodate our location request and we want to go somewhere else, we’re looking at the following prices from various GSP’s (Game Server Providers, per EA/DICE terminology):

  • NFO Servers 66 Slot:

    • $79.19 (Higher CPU Priority option is another $9.99 on top of that)
  • FragNet (British Provider, server is in Seattle):

    • $74.05 (No CPU priority options, VAT Fee is included in the price)
  • Interactive 3D:

    • $75.70 (!!! No Seattle location – only CA, TX, and VA!!!)

    • $85.75 (I like these guys – good experiences in the past)
  • Hypernia:

    • $75.90 (Something doesn’t seem “right” with these guys…)
  • TrinityGames:

    • $77.88 (CPU Priority feature is $10)
  • FragBoxes:

    • $250.00 (cost of renting an entire dedicated server – though we could make some back off of that, and could even make enough to pay for our server!)

On top of the cost of the server, we are going to have to pay for ProCon hosting as well. We are currently allowing Branzone to host our ProCon layer at something like $2 or $3 a month, so that has to be added into the final cost above.

Here’s a few sites that you can go to check your ping to various locations around the country:

You can also open up a command prompt in Windows and run this command (TrinityGames Test Site in Seattle):

    • PING

You will be looking for the bottom line once it finishes. Your latency will be the “Average = ##ms”, where ## is the ping you get to that server.

For me, I am getting the following from my work (which is about 4 miles from my home, and a completely different ISP, but I can’t get my home router to work correctly.):

  • Atlanta: 24
  • Chicago: 26
  • Dallas: 6
  • Denver: 24
  • Frankfurt: 126
  • LA: 41
  • NYC: 43
  • San Jose: 49
  • Seattle: 57
  • Seattle (Premium): 59

And for Trinity Games IP, I am getting between 50 and 70ms

What I would like from each of you:

  • The number of slots you think we should pay for
    • My recommendation is a 66 slot server, 64 players and 2 commanders
    • I know we agreed upon 64 slots, but that was before we knew we needed to pay for the commander and spectator slots.
    • Commander takes up 2 slots
    • Spectator can take up to 4 slots
    • We do not need either of these, and they could be turned off using ProCon
    • Personally, I couldn’t imagine NOT having commander options. Spectator though… I don’t know
  • A provider from the list above, so I can get the process started if Habitat4Gamers (H4G) is unable to accommodate our location request
    • My favorites from the list are:
      • NFO (Nuclear Fall Out – We already get our BF3 server through them anyways, so why not?)
      • Trinity Games
  • Keep in mind that H4G may be able to let us use a Seattle server – it just depends on what I hear back from them
  • Lastly, should we pay the extra $10 to get CPU Priority
    • In my opinion, this is pretty much a waste especially if the server provider is setup per EA/DICE’s recommendations
    • They’re not supposed to be over-taxing the servers anyways, so CPU priority doesn’t really “do” anything


Thank you for everything you guys have stuck through the past year(s), and get excited because BF4 is TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!!!!!


See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Well ladies and gents, it’s almost that time of year… The leaves are turning (if not already turned for those of you up north), the temps are dropping, and the bike ride into work is actually enjoyable (in the mornings at least – coming home it’s still a sweaty trip). The Battlefield 4 Beta is in full-swing and the release of Battlefield 4 is less than 20 days away (October 29th)!

It’s time for [AK907] to step it up.

AK907 Electric Logo

I’ve gotten [speculative] news on possible prices for a Battlefield 4 server and I am ready to present this information to the clan. Hopefully, buy the time we meet, we will have official prices for servers from EA/Dice, but I wouldn’t count on that.

I’ve been trying to come up with a way to get things moving again with the clan and our weekly clan events, and I’ve yet to think of a way to motivate all of us. I know several of us have been really busy with our personal lives, but I would expect some of that to slow down into the winter months and especially after the holidays. If anyone has any ideas about how to start bring us back together and motivating each other for the release of Battlefield 4, please contact me before the meeting! I think, for now, I’d like to start trying to get together weekly for our [AK907] Weekly Clan Event. Once Battlefield 4 releases, I think we should be able to maintain the [AK907] Weekly Clan Event for a while, with intermittent breaks for the upcoming holidays.

All of the above being said, I’d like to try to get everyone together for an [AK907] Clan Meeting. The date I’m aiming for is this Sunday, the 13th, at 9:00 PM Central Time. Below is a list of items I would like to discuss:

  • Donations due by the following members:
    • Gr0wzy (last payment was good until end of August)
    • GvnrRickPerry (last payment was good until end of August)
    • TheGermanR00ster (last payment was good until end of July)
  • Current financial standings for the clan
  • Purchasing Battlefield 4 for Kingspock/Lichie
  • Possibly increasing the minimum donation (to no more than $10 a month) due to the additional cost of the Battlefield 4 server
  • How many slots, where, and when we may get the Battlefield 4 server
  • The Battlefield 3 server status
  • [AK907] Weekly Clan Events
  • And a couple of surprises for a few members that have been highly committed to the clan over the past few month

I’d like to try and get together this Thursday for a pre-kickoff [AK907] Weekly Clan Event. Once we have the clan meeting, we will have a kickoff [AK907] Weekly Clan Event next week, and from there we’ll run with it. Thursday’s challenge for the [AK907] Weekly Clan Event will be to have the HIGHEST SQUAD SCORE IN A ROUND between the hours of 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time, and the game this challenge will be on is the Battlefield 4 Beta. I think we may try to do something with the “Missions” feature of the Battlefield 4 Beta to obtain this score, but I’ll probably have to end up doing it manually anyways. Please keep in mind that to be eligible to  play in this event, you MUST be present on our TeamSpeak server! Click the link below to join!

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!

The prize will, of course, be a week of fame on the home page!

That’s all I have for this week, but I hope you start checking back in regularly, and even griping at me when I’m behind on these posts. Part of the reason why I slowed down posting these is because I don’t know how many people read them. If you’re missing the posts – yell at me about it and I’ll post something – I NEED THIS! 🙂

I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, and if not then, Sunday for sure.

Have a great rest of the week, and SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD, SOLDIER!!!


Hello everyone, and thanks for taking a look at this weeks blog post!  I would like to start by apologizing to each of you for the delay in clan activities and the extremely long post today. I think things are finally coming to a close for my summer, and I am looking forward to the Battlefield 4 release!

Today we are going to announce the winners of the [AK907] Battlefield 4 Pre-Order Giveaway (albeit a little late…), the  winners of the two [AK907] Weekly Clan Events since our last update, updates from the [AK907] Clan Meeting, the [AK907] Clan Server, as well as updates about Battlefield 4!

*** Please join us tomorrow, Thursday, the 22nd of August, between 4 PM and 11 PM Central Time on our TeamSpeak server so we can pwn the battlefield together! ***

[AK907] BF4 Giveaway Winners

The [AK907] BF4 Giveaway was a great contest for us to put on to try and draw interest into the clan. Fortunately it did not draw so much attention that we were overwhelmed with entries, and the Battlefield 4 Pre-Order was given away to a clan member! Unfortunately, we did not have that overwhelming influx of visitors and new signups that we were all hoping for, but all’s well that ends well! There were a total of 9 people playing for a chance to win the BF4 Pre-Order copy, so the chances would have been exponentially better for each of you, if you would have put a few minutes into the clan and got a few more “tokens”.

AK907 BF4 Pre-Order Giveaway Free

Gr0wzy won the fame, but R00ster got the prize

Gr0wzy received the MOST entry tokens, with 8 total (2 Participation is KEY, 2 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, 2 Post Whore, 2 Social Nightmare). Congratulations also to Gr0wzy who won the first draw from the hat (A big thank you to my son, Lonnie, for drawing the names from the hat) and won the [AK907] BF4 Pre-Order Giveaway! After the excitement wore down, a couple of clan members stepped up to the plate and offered to purchase another copy for the contest, and we ended up giving another copy away that night! Congratulations to Richie (Lichie) for winning copy number 2 of the [AK907] BF4 Pre-Order Giveaway! Gr0wzy proceeded to give his winnings to TheGermanR00ster, as either way Gr0wzy would have to purchase the game for one of them. I did not expect this event to bring us together so much as a clan and really get some issues ironed out, as well as bring some other guys closer into the administration circle. I want to say thank you to everyone that participated in this event, and thank you to everyone of the [AK907] Clan Members for all of the effort they’ve made to keep things going around here!

The OFFICIAL [AK907] BF4 Pre-Order Giveaway Winners are:

  • [AK907] Gr0wzy
  • Lichie

Thanks again for playing guys, and stay tuned, because our next giveaway is right around the corner (literally)!!

[AK907] Weekly Clan Event Winners

During the above contest, we had two of the [AK907] Weekly Clan Events – they  were actually integrated into the contest itself and provided some additional “excuses” to play Battlefield 3. 🙂 The winner of the [AK907] Weekly Clan Event on June 20th, with the HIGHEST 3-GAME AVERAGE GENERAL SCORE of 10,585,  5,604, and 5,253 (totalling 50,582 General Score over 13 matches) was Gr0wzy! Congrats man – you won yourself 2 free entries to  the BF4 Giveaway!

Battlefield 3 AK907 Clan

Congrats to this week’s winner: Gr0wzy!!!

The winner of the [AK907] Weekly Clan Event on June 27th, with the MOST KILL ASSIST of 11 total kill assist (in one round none the less, but it was Scavenger, so…) was TheGermanR00ster! Congrats man – you won yourself 2 free entries to the BF4 giveaway!

Battlefield 3 AK907 Clan

Congrats to this week’s winner: TheGermanR00ster!!!

Again, congratulations  to the [AK907 Weekly Clan Event winners and thanks for making it a good contest!

[AK907] Clan Meeting Updates

This months clan meeting was mainly to pull winners from the BF4 Pre-Order Giveaway contest, announce them to the clan, and make the purchases for them, although we were able to discuss a few other clan items. Donations are due  for many this month, and you are able to donate from the home page or by clicking the Donate button here:

Other items that were discussed were:

  • Usage of the TeamSpeak 3 server – Keep it up guys!
  • Usage of the Battlefield 3 server – We need to be on it more!
  • My new computer build (image of the beautifully lapped (by me) heatsink below – I have a guide on lapping CPU’s and heatsinks on the EVGA forums if you’re interested!)
  • Our next [AK907] Clan Contest
AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Shiny heatsink of my lapped, closed-loop, liquid CPU cooler

[AK907] Clan Battlefield 3 Server

Our dues for the Battlefield 3 server have been paid for the month of August, and I checked with our provider (Habitat4Gamers) to find out if they had any information about pricing for a Battlefield 4 server – they have no info for us yet. I also looked into obtaining our own [AK907] Clan Server from NFOServers, and I believe this is something we might consider doing one day, but with a monthly cost of $200, we cannot justify the expense right now. This may be something we can consider joining with a partner to do in the future though, and wouldn’t that be nice to have our own Battlefield server that we could run on our own (or lease slots out for)? Please keep the donations coming so we can keep paying for this server, and keep in mind that we have a Battlefield 4 server to pay for in a couple of months, so we may need to discuss minimum donation increase.

Battlefield 4 Updates

Well I’ve been keeping an eye out for updates regarding Battlefield 4, and finally got some new information!!!!

The biggest announcement has to be the details that were released regarding the Battlefield 4 Open Beta. The short of it is the beta will open “early October, 2013, for everyone”. You can read more about it here:

There are also a few new videos out, and I HIGHLY suggest you take a look, so you can drool like me:

This video is the Battlefield 4: Official Premium Video, announcing BF4 premium, and what it will entail.

This video is the “Battlefield 4: Official “Paracel Storm” Multiplayer Trailer, and honestly is my favorite. It really “gets me going”, if ya know what I mean 😉

Additional details found either by the videos above, or by official EA announcements (trust me, you have to dig if you want some of this info):

The jets look highly futuristic but I can assure you that the one jet they did announce, the Chinese J-20 Stealth, is in fact a “real” jet. First takeoff was in January 201, and it is planned for service in 2017. No mention on what type of armament these jets will have, so I can’t tell you if they will have bombs yet or not. I will say that I think, air vehicles at the very least, will “run out of ammo” and you will have to fly over to your base to “rearm”.

PS4 and XB1 will both support 64 players, for the first time in console history for the Battlefield series! This is going to be a HUGE change to those of us that plan on playing on console, because now the experience will be virtually identical to the PC, however I’m betting the PC will still have better graphics. 🙂

Squads will definitely have 5 players now! YAY!

Mortars are getting redesigned for BF4, and the “new feature” is they will be remote-controlled, which will allow the support players to give indirect fire support while staying with the rest of the squad (this means no more going “lone wolf” if you plan on mortaring it up)!

Speaking of “lone wolf”, it’s going to be MIGHTY lonely for that wolf now with the “field upgrades” perks. You will get individual rewards for squad based team play performance. Meaning, you earn specializations through squad scores (such as healing, repairing, giving ammo, etc.) and completing objectives with your squad members. Really cool ideas that EA/DICE has here, and I think that they really outdid themselves trying to appease the community (which is never a bad thing for us).

AK907 Battlefield Clan

Battlefield 4 – Paracel Storm (click to go to full resolution in the same window)

Lastly, suppression details that may make you drool… While suppression causes visual impairment, it will no longer impact the accuracy of your weapon. The way they’ve “gotten around” this is by adding a “sway effect” that makes aiming more difficult, but “with some skill you will find it possible to counteract”. Also, there will be no more suppression in close-quarters combat.

Another detail I noticed is that the ocean (or water effect) appears to be a much more accurate to real-life than Battlefield 3 was. For instance, in the multiplayer video you can see two boats on the ocean and one of them is riding high on the wave crest, while the other is in the wave valley. I really can’t wait to play this game!!!


Well that’s all I have for today. I do hope to start the weekly clan events up here in the next month or two, and please keep an eye out for another clan meeting in the coming few weeks. As always, if you are willing to help with the clan administration, please let me know! I could really use someone to help motivate and assist with research and writing.

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Hello everyone, and thanks for checking out our latest update from the battlefield. Today I’ll be going over the Battlefield 4 Giveaway, updates from our last [AK907] Clan Meeting, announcing our next clan meeting, this weeks Clan Event, and all the info I can find about Battlefield 4’s recently previewed multiplayer mode! There are some Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Videos at the bottom of this post. I would recommend checking them out!

AK907 Clan Battlefield 4 giveaway

Commander mode will still give commanders the ability to “zoom in” to the map and spot infantry/vehicles by hand, if necessary. They can watch the game “live” so to speak!

Weekly Clan Event

Well, the past few months have been difficult to coordinate, but starting today we will be continuing our AK907 Clan Weekly Clan Events! This weeks challenge will be to have the HIGHEST 3-GAME AVERAGE GENERAL SCORE between the hours of 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM TONIGHT! Please join us on TeamSpeak tonight for a night of fun times and pwnage, by clicking the TeamSpeak 3 image below. The ONLY criteria for winning a week of fame on our home page is that you join us on TeamSpeak between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM tonight. Good luck SOLDIERS!

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!

Clan Meeting Updates

The [AK907] Clan Meeting held on June 2nd went well, for those of you that missed it. There was lots of talks about the Battlefield 4 giveaway, and details for it are below. To get caught up with all the latest clan happenings, please see our Forum post regarding that meeting that can be located here:

Next Clan Meeting

Our next clan meeting is very necessary for those of you that are interested in winning the Battlefield 4 Giveaway! We will be meeting again on either the 7th or 14th of July (I have it in my notes somewhere, I thought, but can’t seem to find it at the time of this writing). We will be announcing the winner of the Battlefield 4 Pre-Order giveaway, and we will be purchasing and gifting that prize to that person AT THIS MEETING – SO PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE PRESENT!

I will post a link to the forum post regarding this meeting and the things we are going to be discussing at this meeting as soon as I am able!

Battlefield 4 Giveaway

Alright, what we have ALL been waiting for…!

  • The Battlefield 4 Pre-Order Giveaway Contest will be officially know as the “[AK907] BF 4 Giveaway”
  • The contest will be a random drawing from a hat, but to be entered in that drawing you must have at least one “token”.
  • You can have multiple tokens, which will get your name into the hat multiple times, increasing your chances of winning!
  • There are a few “limits” to how many tokens you can obtain, but the one item that’s not limited is “Bring the NEWBS!”


  • Tokens can be obtained by completing one (or more) of the following named items (Descriptions of what these items are and the sub-criteria/caveats are below):
    • Participation is KEY
    • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
    • Post Whore
    • Bring the NEWBS!
    • Social Nightmare
    • Take the Reigns!
    • You are a tube!
  • The criteria for “winning” the prize will be:
    • You must have at least one token
  • Eligibility for this event is limited to:
    • Those that have participated in the [AK907] Weekly Clan Events between June 16th through June 30th, 2013
    • Those that have received at least one “token”
  • Dates and Times:
  • This contest starts at 12:00 AM on June 16th and continues until 11:59 PM June 30th (all times are Central United States)

Here are the descriptions of the items that get you tokens of entry:

  • Participation is KEY

    • Required Action: Join us on TeamSpeak 3 on the Thursdays during the Weekly Clan Event (During the contest) between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM.
    • Number of Tokens Received for this Action: 1
    • Sub-Criteria/Caveats: Just show up on our TeamSpeak server during the AK907 Weekly Clan Event and you will be entered to win Battlefield 4!
    • A total of TWO (2) tokens is possible through the time the contest is active.
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

    • Required Action: Win an AK907 Weekly Clan Event
    • Number of Tokens Received for this Action: 2
    • Sub-Criteria/Caveats: One winner per week (Remember, this contest is two weeks long, so you could win TWICE!)
    • Maximum Possible Tokens: A total of FOUR (4) tokens is possible through the time the contest is active.
  • Post Whore

    • Required Action: Posting in the AK907 Forums
    • Number of Tokens Received for this Action: 1
    • Sub-Criteria/Caveats: Post MUST be relevant to a current conversation, or topic of the clan. NO SPAM – I will give you negative tokens for spam! 😀 You can only receive a maximum of 2 tokens, per week.
    • Maximum Possible Tokens: A total of FOUR (4) tokens for posting on the forums is possible through the time the contest is active.
  • Bring the NEWBS!

    • Required Action: Bring a new recruit into the AK907 TeamSpeak server.
    • Number of Tokens Received for this Action: 1
    • Sub-Criteria/Caveats: The new recruit must not have been on our TeamSpeak server before (Sorry for those of you that have brought people into the server the past few weeks – they don’t count!). The new recruit must also contact a founding member (probably me, GvnrRickPerry) to tell me who brought them onto the server.
    • Maximum Possible Tokens: There is no limit to how many tokens you will receive if you invite people onto the server. The more people that talk to the founding members and tell them who brought them onto the server, the more tokens for that person!
  • Social Nightmare

    • Required Action: Participating in the AK907 Social Media
    • Number of Tokens Received for this Action: 1
    • Sub-Criteria/Caveats: You will receive 1 token per “participation event”. Participation is defined as responding to, by commenting in the comments section, the AK907 Facebook or Google+ pages. Multiple comments on the same post, and multiple “spam” posts do not count. Approval of the token will be required by one of the founding members (meaning, if you’re doing it just to get the token, it probably won’t count – just show some interest!).
    • Maximum Possible Tokens: A total of FOUR (4) tokens for participating in social media is possible through the time the contest is active.
  • Take the Reigns!

    • Required Action: Posting as the social media page owner on our Facebook or Google+ pages (If you do not have this ability, let GvnrRickPerry know and I will get you fixed up!)
    • Number of Tokens Received for this Action: 1
    • Sub-Criteria/Caveats: Take the initiative to post as the page owner on one of our social media sites (Facebook or Google+). The post must be relevant to the AK907 Clan, or the games we play, and must fall in line with the previous posts (don’t go posting something completely off-topic)
    • Maximum Possible Tokens: A total of TWO (2) tokens for taking the reigns is possible through the time the contest is active. ONE TOKEN PER WEEK!
  • You are a tube!

    • Required Action: Upload videos to our MEGA upload site for Gr0wzy to edit!
    • Number of Tokens Received for this Action: 2
    • Sub-Criteria/Caveats: Upload videos to our MEGA upload site (credentials for MEGA are in the Members-Only area of the forums. If you cannot access this area, let GvnrRickPerry know and I will fix you up) so Gr0wzy can put together some nice videos for the clan. The videos MUST be of Battlefield 3!
    • Maximum Possible Tokens: A total of FOUR (4) tokens for uploading videos is possible through the time the contest is active.

Alright, so that’s the list! I have to iron out a couple more items with the [AK907] Clan Founders, then I will replace some of the items I haven’t explained fully above with the correct explanation and add the formulas we will be using to calculate the winner so we can all keep an eye on this stuff.

Good luck to all those that participate! GAME ON!

Battlefield 4 Updates

Battlefield 4 was extensively showcased at E3 this week, where 64 players participated in matches all day long. And during the live stream of those matches, we got a lot more multiplayer details, such as new features, weapons, vehicles, and more. China is now confirmed as one of the Battlefield 4 factions. I’ve compiled a list of all the confirmed additions/features/changes added to Battlefield 4 (Disclaimer: I do not work for EA/DICE, so I cannot assure you with 100% certainty that the items listed below are true or accurate):

Battlefield 4 AK907 Clan

China Rising is going to be the “Karkand” of additional map packs for Battlefield 4. It comes with those who pre-order the deluxe edition.

Infantry gameplay / weapons

  • Pistols: Secondary weapons (pistols) can now be customized with attachments such as flashlights and silences — no more different versions of the same guns as in BF3.
  • Grenades: several types of grenades can now be equipped besides regular explosive grenades. Flash-bangs, smoke grenades, and incendiary grenades were spotted.
  • Gadgets: there are two gadget slots and they are shared for all gadgets in the class, meaning that you can fully customize what you want in those two slots.
  • Recon class now features the “motion ball” sensor from Bad Company 2, and the Recon also carries C4 this time.
  • Main weapons can be equipped with two sights — a scope and iron sights.
  • Grips: there are several new weapon grips in the game, such as angled grip, in addition to the fore-grip, etc.
  • Knives: there are different knives in the game, such as a shank knife, the regular Ka-Bar, and more.
  • Knife attacks can be countered/blocked.
  • Suppression is toned down for all weapons except machine guns.
  • Water: players can now shoot while in water, and they can sprint as well. Players can dive underwater as well.
  • Ammo / Med kit: there are two types of ammo and med kits now, the larger ones which constantly heal/resupply, and smaller ones that instantly heal/resupply, but are used up immediately by the soldier.
  • VOIP will be available on PC in-game, though as a clan we will all still be using TeamSpeak 3 as our primary source of clan communication.
  • Battlefield 4 squads now include 5 players.
  • Spectator mode is confirmed.
  • Chinese faction confirmed.
  • All-new voice acting for multiplayer characters.
  • Reloading: if you reload a clip before its empty, you lose the bullets in the clip.
  • New weapons confirmed (among others): AT4 rocket launcher, RPG-7, Stinger, M320, Saiga-12K, P90, M4, M416, and Scout Elite.
  • “Perks” are given to squads depending on how well they’re playing.


  • New vehicle disabling feature. It’s now based on where the vehicle is hit.
  • Tires can be shot out, making it harder to steer and operate a vehicle.
  • Battlefield 4 helicopters now get night vision.
  • Chinese Type 99 main battle tank confirmed.
  • Chinese WZ-10 attack helicopter confirmed.


AK907 Battlefield 4 Clan

Commander mode is back for Battlefield 4!

  • The Battlefield 4 commander doesn’t count towards overall player count, so it’s 64 players + 2 commanders.
  • Mobile Commander can only be played on tablets such as iPad — no phones are supported.
  • Commander can use a mini-screen to see what every soldier on the map is seeing.
  • This is also similar to what spectator mode will be like.
  • Commander can give orders to squad leaders, who can accept or refuse the order.
  • Commanders can launch artillery, deploy vehicles (such as tanks, jeeps, and gunships) if the correct control points are captured.
  • Commanders can also spot troops, deploy EMP and UAV scans for squads doing what has been ordered by the commander.

Battlefield 4 Squads

  • Squads can feature up to 4 soldiers (1 squad leader and 3 squad members)
    • Hasn’t been confirmed, but in most of the live-streaming events I’ve seen 5+ people in a squad. Possibly 5+ perks as well!
  •  One squad leader that can accept or deny orders from the commander
  • In-Game chat for squad members
  • Squad perks will NOT stack (two people that have squad sprint on does NOT mean we can run 3 times as fast as normal)


  • The word “Levelution” has been on the lips of many broadcasting from the E3 event, and seen across many posts on the internet
  • “Levelution” is Battlefield 4 terminology for changing the way the map “flows”
  • A prime example of this can be seen in the multiplayer video of the skyscraper crashing to earth and extending the “land mass” out into the water.
    • There is a capture point at the TOP of this tower when the game first starts, but if is not held by the correct team (defenders, I assume), the skyscraper comes crashing to earth bringing the control point with it!


Well, that’s all of the updates I have for today. Be sure you join us tonight for our weekly clan event (participation is required for the Battlefield 4 giveaway, so I’d recommend you start joining us for these!) and stick around for the Battlefield 4

Hey everyone, today’s blog post will consist of getting you guys up to date on the latest happenings surrounding the [AK907] Clan, along with some tidbits about Battlefield 4, the upcoming Clan Battlefield 4 Giveaway (Pre-Order), the discontinuing of our 48 slot server, and anything else I can think of whilst typing this post out. 🙂

[AK907] Clan Meeting

The [AK907] Clan Meeting will be on Sunday, June 2nd, starting at 9:00 PM, so mark that spot on your calendar! Here’s why you NEED to be there…

Battlefield 4 AK907 Clan

Battlefield 4’s China Rising DLC. Take a good look at this screenshot – I bet we will all be spending lots of time here!

We are going to be discussing the first Battlefield 4 Giveaway Pre-Order! For a detailed look at everything we’re going to be talking about, you can check the forum post here, but for now you need to know that this meeting will be setting the date(s) for the giveaway contest, the criteria you need to achieve eligibility to win the contest, and what we need to make this a quality gaming event! Along with those items, we will also discuss:

  • Battlefield 4 Giveaway (Pre-Order)
    • What will be the criteria for winning the prize?
    • Who is eligible to win (Donating Members only? Non-Donating Members? Non-Members?)
    • Dates and times?
  • Financials
    • Donations, expenses, and purchases
  • Server Population
    • Since time on (seeding) the server will be a large part of the criteria needed to win the giveaway, we need to talk about what map rotation we are going to be running that will encourage [AK907] Clan Members to play on the [AK907] Clan server
    • Any other ideas we can think of to attract people to hop on our server!
  • Gr0wzy’s YouTube Videos
    • I’ve got a couple of recordings going and have uploaded two of them to the Mega upload site (credentials for the site are HERE), but need to upload another handful I’ve got
    • The videos need to be edited together to make a quality 30 second to 3 minute video that is entertaining
  • TeamSpeak Permissions System
    • Forum post HERE about this
  • Weekly Clan Event
    • Obviously I have not had the time I need to coordinate these events the past month. Others have also showed interest in changing the day of the week for the weekly clan events from Thursday to another day. We would LOVE your input! Check the Facebook question here:
  • Forums and Blog activity, posts, and comments
    • Anyone visited the home page of the blog or the forums lately?

Obviously we have quite a bit to discuss in the Clan Meeting and I hope we can cover it all. I also hope we have enough members/non-members/recruits join us to and give us some valuable feedback regarding all of the questions we have. Kaidok and Hassassin… It would be very valuable for you two to join us for the meeting and provide some feedback to me before we get started!

Other [AK907] Clan Stuff

Well things have been super crazy for me (personally) as of late and I just have not had the time or energy to put into the clan like I did 4 months ago, but I have been working on improving that and this post is proof of it. The [AK907] Clan will be losing one of its Battlefield 3 servers on the first of June. On top of that, we already lost our DoD:S server that was hosted by GameTracker/GameServers. We will still have CS:S, the 24 slot BF3 server, and our TeamSpeak 3 server, along with all of the hosting and everything – It was all just getting to be too much for one person to manage. Honestly, the [AK907] has access to a lot of resources and the management team has a canny ability to sniff out such resources and obtain them for little to no cost. It’s just getting to a point where we do not have the time to do it  all on our own, and work a 50+ hour work week, and play Battlefield, and work on our own entrepreneurship or other endeavors in a given day/week.

That being said, we’ve had some renewed interest in the clan as of late. We’ve had several additional users on the TeamSpeak server and have continued to populate the Air Superiority server on a semi-regular basis – Honestly getting the AS server populated takes every bit of 15 minutes of sitting there and waiting for people to join – It’s not that hard! 😀 I usually end up adding the guys that chat on the AS server to my friends list and some of them have continued to play and join on “the crew” when we’re online. Super exciting to see a renewed interest like this!

Posting is probably going to be slowing down over the summer, but I will try to write some articles when I have the time to do so. If anyone else would like to give writing a shot, holler at me! It’s super easy! 😀

Battlefield 4 News

Well, it’s been a bit since I last posted about Battlefield 4, and a couple of new items to report on have arisen since my last post.

Battlefield 4 Giveaway AK90 Clan

Battlefield 4 looks to have a much different environment than Battlefield 3 did – at least the graphics appear to be more ascetically pleasing.

  • Official Release Date
    • An official release date has been confirmed for Battlefield 4 of Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 (November 1st for those of you reading this from the UK)
  • Map Pack for Pre-Orders
    • Those who pre-order Battlefield 4 will receive the first, of many map packs, for free (Only the China Rising map pack will be free for those that pre-order)
    • The first map pack has been confirmed as titled “China Rising”
  • Additional goodies for those that pre-order
    • Additional items that you may receive for pre-ordering Battlefield 4 may include (but are not limited to)
    • The base game
    • In-Game items
    • The expansion pack China Rising
    • The BETA version of Battlefield 4 (rumored to be released fall of 2013)
  • There will be a Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Demo for us during E3 on June 10th, 2013 so we can check out the multiplayer aspects of the new Battlefield


Well that’s all I have for today… I would like to add that we had a pretty nice turn-out for last night’s “event” even though there wasn’t a challenge and no one technically “won”… I did change the home-page “winner” from R00ster to TwoSixTroy per a conversation we all had last night. I hope you enjoy!

Report back for the Clan Meeting on June 2nd at 9:00 PM! See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



Today’s post is all about last Thursdays Weekly Clan Event winner, and everything we’ve been able to find out about the Battlefield 4 announcement.

Last Weeks Winner

Well, last weeks clan event was great with 9 people joining us on TeamSpeak to fight for the prize! We pwned it up on the new End Game maps and dominated the opposing force every time. The winner of last weeks clan event, with a total of only 4 Air Kills, is AFTERBURN321!


AK907 Clan Battlefield 3 End Game

Congrats to this week’s winner: AFTERBURN321!!!

Congrats man, and the best of luck to those who join us this Thursday for our Weekly Clan Event. This weeks clan event challenge is to have the HIGHEST OBJECTIVE SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time, Thursday, March 28th. Be sure you join us on TeamSpeak so you are eligible for the week of fame!!! I look forward to seeing you online tomorrow so we can pwn it up!

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 was announced to the media yesterday, and to everyone else this morning, and it is a site for sore eyes (that have been staring at Battlefield 3 for the past 2 years…) There’s a 17 minute video of campaign gameplay that is definitely enticing to watch:

Here are some of the key items that I spotted throughout this video, and that have me curious for more:

  • Challenge Invite from XXXX – this pops up on the screen during gameplay.
    • What do challenges involve?
    • Are they anything like matches in the Battlefield 3?
  • Baku, Azerbaijan – The “Fishing in Baku” video (above) is hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan which is located on the Eastern shore of the Caspian Sea
  • Massive Environments – The skyscrapers in the video above appear to be fully accessible, or at least more accessible than towers in Battlefield 3
  • Massive Destruction – The skyscraper started falling apart because it was being attacked by an attack chopper.
    • This could have been a video sequence considering the video shows campaign gameplay, but it certainly look promising. Explosions from grenades look incredible!
  • Trophy System – There appears to be some kind of a trophy system, or maybe this is related to challenges, in the upper right-hand corner of the video.
  • Weapons are more customizable (such as the ability to detach/lay down the scope of your weapon so you can use the iron sites)
  • Battlefield 4: Premium – Confirmed

What peaked your interest while watching the video? What are you most excited to see? What are you most disappointed about from watching the video? Comment below!

Other Stuff

There’s a poll going on in the forums right now requesting a vote to change game mode rotation on the 48 slot server. Please read and submit a vote before tomorrow’s clan event!

I believe I have fixed the auto-balance issues that were happening on the AS server. I hopped online yesterday and actually got the AS server populated before I realized it was so late and I still had work to do…  I also believe I’ve fixed a lot of the spam issues we were having with the forums. I know most of you guys never saw any of this, but we were getting multiple spam registrations per day on the forums and every since I implemented the fix, we haven’t had a single false registration. That being said, please let me know if you find you are having issues posting to the forums, and leave me as many details as possible so I can try to fix it.

That’s all I have for today, but I look forward to seeing you online for tomorrows Weekly Clan Event!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Today’s post is all about Sunday’s winner, tonight’s clan event schedule and challenge, and some tips we’ve been hearing about Battlefield 4!

Sunday’s Winner

Sorry for not getting this up sooner, but I have been working on a couple of things for this Sunday event and have been trying to figure out how to “glorify” the Sunday winner. I tried to add another BF3 Stats entry on the home page, but the code isn’t setup for that in WordPress, so that failed. We will have to figure something out, but for now we will just have to leave it as it is.

Sunday was a pretty nice turn out with 7 people showing up in TS for the clan event, along with a few others that weren’t counted because they weren’t on TS. It took me a few days to calculate the scores up because of the amount of people playing, and the fact that I had to load the BF3Stats report for each game they played (sometimes the BF3Stats hangs and I have to wait a day for the system to clear up). Sunday wasn’t a straight lets-stay-in-the-air-killing day, but several of us managed to hop in a chopper or jet and get a few kills. The player that walked away with the most AIR KILLS this Sunday was TheGermanR00ster, with 10 Air Kills! Congrats R00ster, and we hope to see you online tonight to help populate the servers! 🙂

AK907 Clan Battlefield 3 End Game

Congrats to this week’s winner: TheGermanR00ster!!!

Tonight’s Clan Event

Well, it’s Thursday again, and time for another one of our Weekly Clan Events! Tonight should be loads of fun as several of us plan on hopping online to try and get the RUSH server populated. I will be online all day (minimized) trying to start things off right, but I may try to start populating the AS server at some point today too.

I have been monitoring the servers regularly, and it seems there’s a couple of problems with some of the plugins, but I don’t know how to fix them without sitting down for hours and pouring over documentation and trying things until they work better. It seems the Auto-Balancer (We are using the plugin called TrueBalancerBF3) isn’t configured well enough to properly balance skill on the AS server, which I believe is the reason why it has been dead since the weekend. One of the other problems we’re having is a complete lack of people trying to populate the servers. I can be on a server all day and it will not populate!

When I get online to play Battlefield 3, yeah sure I’m not going to lie, I would LOVE to hop on a FULL server and get some action, but most of the time I don’t. I hop on one of our servers, that no one else is on, and start trying to populate it to no avail of course. This can be looked at many other ways, but I look at it like this: Generally, Battlefield 3 players want to get on an already populated server, so if our server is not already populated, they’re not going to even try it. To attract players, attention to the clan, and all the other stuff we’d like to have, OUR [AK907] Clan Servers need to be populated so people WANT to play on them. If no one is on our servers to begin with, no one else is going to want to hop on anyways. While Thursday’s are a great day to populate the server, it would be nice if they were all populated every day during the week – This is all I’m going to say about this for now – I’m just asking to try and keep a conscious effort to populate the [AK907] Clan Server. 🙂

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!

Tonight’s clan event challenge is to have the MOST VEHICLE DESTROYED ASSISTS between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central Time. Congrats to the last clan event winner, Dedaciai, and good luck to tonight’s winner, whoever it may be! All that is required to register for this event is that you hop on our TeamSpeak 3 server, which can be done by clicking the TeamSpeak3 image here.

Battlefield 4


There has been a TON of hype about Battlefield 4 since the Twitter post of GameStop’s CEO after Sony announced their PS4, and I’ve been trying to find out more details, but things are still pretty closely guarded. There’s a big promo going on right now and the more people that sign into the more they will release for us on March 27th, which is the “official” announcement date for Battlefield 4. You also get a free Battlefield 3 dog tag for entering the site, so if you’re in to swagger, I suggest you link on over there and get your tag on!

Dog Tags copyCheck out some of the details about BF4 here in the forum post I made, and leave comments so we can start a discussion! 🙂

That’s all I have for today everyone, but I sincerely look forward to seeing you online tonight so we can all get together and get our servers populated and pwn the newbs!!!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!