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Hello everyone, it’s been a while since AK907 has posted anything, but I wanted to put some updates out here and let you know that AK907 is NOT dead, and in fact, we are still playing games!

Though the site and blog have not been updated in a while (and the reasoning behind that was due to an inability to login as anyone, but that has since been resolved), the AK907 clan has continued to build stronger relationships between our members through gaming. So everyone is aware, the AK907 clan is currently playing the following games, with some additional games listed that a few members have begun dabbling in:

  • Rainbow 6: Siege – This has been a great game that has provided me with many hours of entertainment. It’s a FPS that is very tactical and requires stealth, map knowledge, and intel on your enemy to successfully launchRainbow 6 Siege Playablesan attack/defense against your opponent. Right now, this is one of the primary titles the AK907 clan is playing, so if you’re looking for someone to team up with, please join our TeamSpeak Rainbow 6 channel and let’s get to pwning!
  • Battlefield
    • Battlefield:4 never died, and in fact, it has gotten a LOT better and is even being boasted as THE “best netcode in any first-person-shooter game to-date”!
    • Battlefield:Hardline is alive on console, but for the most part the AK907 clan has stopped playing it (I may find myself jumping on a server when new maps come out, but there’s just not a large enough PC player base to continue considering Hardline a game we have on our gaming list)
  • Call of Duty – A few of us may play older versions of this game on occasion, but I don’t even know how many people own the most recent. The most recent one I own is BlackOps 2.
  • CounterStrike:Global Offensive – Most of us own it and play it on occasion, it may be something that grows if we find more people willing to play, but Rainbow 6 has taken most of the tactical shooter scene right now.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront – This game has been on the AK907 list since it came out, and at first it seemed to be a great game, but that “shiny new feeling” quickly wore off with only a small handful of maps to play; things got old and repetitive real quick. I occasionally hop on, and my son still loves the game.Star Wars Trooper on EndorThe latest content was kind of a flop in my book because it was all close-quarters and there were NO new large maps, like everyone wants to play.

Along with the above games, our members also regularly play the following (though these are not “official” AK907 games, meaning we don’t have dedicated discussions or forum sections for them):

  • The Division
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch (when released)


As stated above, there have been some problems with the web site/blog, but they have been resolved and I am able to get back in and provide updates when I am able.

AK907 means a lot to me. The friends I have gained from it. The growth that some of us have seen through projects on AK907 servers. Most of all, the community that we have built and have maintained through the years. Thank you to each and every person that has ever used an AK907 server.

That being said, we do not want AK907 to die; though things may seem slow right now, we can say there are titles in the future that will bring this clan back together (mainly Battlefield 5) and bring many new people into the clan. We would like to open discussions with members and non-members looking to become members to see if there’s any way we can find a way to keep this clan, the TeamSpeak, the forums, the blog, all of it, active. We will be looking for anyone we can find that is willing to take the time and put the effort into keeping this moving, including new White House (and other!) members! I’d like to continue to see new sign-ups, and we will need someone to process  those, I would like to start pushing Rainbow 6: Siege and get at least a 5 or 6 man team that is willing to practice regularly (a couple days a week maybe at first and see what happens and how things grow), and keep Battlefield on the front of peoples plates.

If YOU would like to be a part of this growth, please apply to become a member here, join our TeamSpeak, and talk to us!

TeamSpeak 3

Click to join AK907’s TeamSpeak 3 server!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Last night was another great 7 hours of gaming! We had a few new people hop on TeamSpeak, we played several different game modes in Battlefield 3, and discussed the addition of our CounterStrike:Source server!

Thursday Night’s Winner

Last night several of us got online and tried to kill as much as possible from within vehicles. A few of us had some great runs, but there is only one victor this week. The winner of last night’s event, with an unheard of 59 vehicle kills spread over just 7 games, is xStormSoulx!


Battlefield 3 xStormSoulx Winner

xStormSoulx wins last night’s clan event with 59 vehicle kills!

Congratulations on the win, xStormSoulx, and we hope to see you online next Thursday for 7 more hours of straight ownage!

CounterStrike:Source Server

AK907 Clan Server

CounterStrike:Source AK907 Clan

In addition to the clan now accepting donations to go toward purchasing a Battlefield 3 server, we have finally gotten our own CounterStrike:Source server up! I have written a new page, titled “AK907 Clan Servers” (click the link to be taken there) that will house all of our server information. We will be adding at least the Gun Game mod and the Admin mod so the server can be easily managed and fun to play on, so if you would like to check it out, connect via
Once the mods have been installed, I will post the Administrative information in the forums (secured) so all of the clan members can gain access to the server when they need it. Please contact me if you do not have an account for the forums and I will create an account and forward you the login information.

I have went over the entire list of  Battlefield 3 server providers here in the US and compiled a spreadsheet of pricing for all of them. All the prices are for a 48 man server and they vary from right at $40 to $105. Personally, I want a server that gives us the option of purchasing the “CPU Priority” feature which will (hopefully) allow our server to run as best it can. The feature is included in the price for the providers that offer it, and the providers that offer it are highlighted yellow. You can check out the spreadsheet here: and let me know what you think about the list and what you would prefer to have (leave notes in the comments section of this post). I believe the goal we should be aiming for on a monthly basis is about $65, and for most providers that is what we need to pay to get started. So we have our goal now and we are $1.64 closer to it from donations, YAY! If you have the means and support the clan having it’s own server, please:

That’s all I have for now, so thank you for reading and I look forward to SEEING YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD, SOLDIER!!!