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Last night’s winner is announced along with some key information about the AK907 Battlefield 3 servers!

Thursday Night’s Clan Event

Last night we had several hours of great gaming, we filled up the [AK907] Clan Battlefield 3 Server (and had 2 people in the queue even after we all called it a night!), and we ended up with one winner for the night’s clan event.

The [AK907] clan TeamSpeak server had a high number of users on it as well, and we even had one of the guys that rented us our Battlefield 3 server hop on with us!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Last night there was enough people on TeamSpeak and the AK907 Battlefield 3 server to get it started. Here’s a snapshot of the TeamSpeak server last night.

We all ended up playing more rounds that I wanted to count on the [AK907] Clan Battlefield 3 server and had a lot of fun pwning newbs! The server is running a Scavenger/GunMaster game mode rotation on the Aftermath maps since it seems that rotation draws in the most amount of people the quickest.

Congratulations to the winner of Thursday Night’s Clan Event, with a total of 280 Team Score points, Dedaciai! Good luck to everyone, and save up your medals, for next week’s challenge to obtain the HIGHEST AWARD SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Congrats to this week’s winner: Dedaciai!!!

[AK907] Battlefield 3 Server

That rotation will change next week when we have the map rotation ironed out from the votes that are received via the survey. Only the top selected maps and rotations (no matter how many) will be selected for the [AK907] server rotation. I think we are going to have to refine the rotation until we have something that everyone likes playing on.

I’ve written a couple of posts for the clan members to use for administrating the Battlefield 3 server. They are basic commands that all donating members have access to, and you can check the sticky topics out here:

These posts do NOT have the Admin Fundamentals in them, which would describe how to determine the punishment for a given crime on our server. Until these fundamentals are written and posted, please use extreme discretion when using the admin tools on other players. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and ask yourself “does this really deserve punishment?” We do NOT want to drive people away from the server!!!

I have installed TrueBalancer BF3 and enabled the skill balancer, so teams should be balanced according to skill and size. Please let me know by posting in the forums if there are any problems with this balancer and I will either correct the problem or disable the balancer and search for another one.

That’s all for this week, but make sure you check back in next week for a few more posts and Thursday’s Clan Event! And try to get our server going, it doesn’t take much so just hop on and wait for other people to show up. If you wait long enough, they will come!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!



The AK907 Clan Battlefield 3 Server is now online!

It was purchased last night and was configured throughout the evening. About 10 people hopped online and started the server, and a fewrandoms hopped in too. We had a couple of rounds of rush before the end of the night, but today I changed the map rotation a little bit and eliminated the rush mode. This is just temporary until next week when I can tally the responses to the survey I have posted below. The survey is open to anyone, but I would ask that if you hang out on the TeamSpeak server that you leave your name so I know those answers are from our community.

(The survey was removed from this blog post because it was causing a strange issue where focus was directed to it when arriving at the home page, causing people to scroll to the top of the page. To participate in the survey, please follow this link:


End Game

Battlefield’s next map pack titled End Game, due out in March, has been talked about quite a bit recently, and a ton of really cool details have came to light! There is an expansive blog post (here), from Battlefield, that details the maps and their supporting game modes, along with distinguishing features about the maps. I recommend you take a read if you really want to see what these new maps are going to be like.

That being said, EA/DICE did post 4 hi-res screenshots of the new maps, and I’ve brought them here, to you, free of charge. 🙂

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Kiasar Railroad Water

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Nebandan Flats Water

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Operation Riverside Water2

AK907 Battlefield 3 - End Game Sabalan Pipeline WaterBe sure you click on the pictures to bring up the hi-res photos!

Please donate so we can keep this Battlefield 3 server up and operational, and remember to put your BF3 name on the form as well so I know who you are!

Don’t forget to sign up for this Thursday’s Weekly Clan Event in the forums too! This is going to be something that we’re going to start doing regularly so more people come to the forums. It’s a GREAT way to interact with the community and really be a voice in the clan! Here’s the link for the sign-up forum, and if you don’t have a WordPress or AK907 Forums account (WordPress and AK907 accounts carry over), let me know what you want your username to be and I’ll hook you up with a password:

That’s all for today! Be sure you complete the survey above so we can get a map rotation going that’s a little more “official”. I will tally responses next week!

See you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Thursday night was another great night full of Battlefield love. Several members hopped on throughout the night for 7 hours of complete pwnage.

We started out playing some Scavenger on Hostile Takeover, moved over to some HT:CQD, played a LOT of Conquest Large and Conquest Assault, and finished on a few Rush rounds last night. We won almost everything we were all on the same team for (the hardest part about these clan events is getting everyone on the same team!), but some of us did lose a couple of rounds because we were split up.  Personally, I had a LOT of fun in the choppa on the Gulf of Oman, and can’t wait to do it again!

Dedaciai got “hung up” while he was SOFLAMing in the scout choppa with me and got shot out onto the hood of the choppa! I had to take a screenshot, and barely caught it, but here it is 🙂 :

Dedaciai AK907 Clan Battlefield 3

Dedaciai got shot out of the choppa, but ended up on my hood for some reason – I had to screenshot it!

As for last night’s challenge, it was a pretty close one. I thought about calculating the score several different ways before finally deciding that I would just stick with the “highest general score in the given timeframe” standard. The winner of last night’s event, with 98,326 General Score, was Gr0wzy, for the second week in a row! Congrats to Gr0wzy and the best of luck to the new winner of next week’s challenge (since no single player can win the event more than twice in a row)!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan

Congrats to this week’s winner: Gr0wzy!!!

Just for grins, I figured I would post the spreadsheet so everyone could see how close of a challenge this one was (it really could have gone to about 4 people if we would have just played a couple of rounds more than Gr0wzy)!

AK907 Battlefield 3 Clan


That’s all I have for this time, but please join us next Thursday for another 7 hours of fun and pwnage! I’m not sure what next weeks challenge will be just yet, but I will post something on it next week.

Until next time, see you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Hey everyone, just a little reminder about tonight’s Weekly Clan Event!!!

Tonight we are going to be competing for another week of fame on the AK907 home page. You must join the TeamSpeak server (click the TeamSpeak image below to be connected) and you you must let me know that you’re going to be competing (so I can track your stats).

TeamSpeak Logo

Click to join the AK907 Clan TeamSpeak 3 server!

The challenge for tonight is to obtain the highest GENERAL SCORE between 4:00 PM and 11:00 PM. Please join us tonight for some friendly competition and lots of fun!

That’s all I have for this post, but check back tomorrow where, hopefully, I will have time to post the results of tonight’s competition!

Thanks for reading, and see you on the battlefield, SOLDIER!


Last night was another great 7 hours of gaming! We had a few new people hop on TeamSpeak, we played several different game modes in Battlefield 3, and discussed the addition of our CounterStrike:Source server!

Thursday Night’s Winner

Last night several of us got online and tried to kill as much as possible from within vehicles. A few of us had some great runs, but there is only one victor this week. The winner of last night’s event, with an unheard of 59 vehicle kills spread over just 7 games, is xStormSoulx!


Battlefield 3 xStormSoulx Winner

xStormSoulx wins last night’s clan event with 59 vehicle kills!

Congratulations on the win, xStormSoulx, and we hope to see you online next Thursday for 7 more hours of straight ownage!

CounterStrike:Source Server

AK907 Clan Server

CounterStrike:Source AK907 Clan

In addition to the clan now accepting donations to go toward purchasing a Battlefield 3 server, we have finally gotten our own CounterStrike:Source server up! I have written a new page, titled “AK907 Clan Servers” (click the link to be taken there) that will house all of our server information. We will be adding at least the Gun Game mod and the Admin mod so the server can be easily managed and fun to play on, so if you would like to check it out, connect via
Once the mods have been installed, I will post the Administrative information in the forums (secured) so all of the clan members can gain access to the server when they need it. Please contact me if you do not have an account for the forums and I will create an account and forward you the login information.

I have went over the entire list of  Battlefield 3 server providers here in the US and compiled a spreadsheet of pricing for all of them. All the prices are for a 48 man server and they vary from right at $40 to $105. Personally, I want a server that gives us the option of purchasing the “CPU Priority” feature which will (hopefully) allow our server to run as best it can. The feature is included in the price for the providers that offer it, and the providers that offer it are highlighted yellow. You can check out the spreadsheet here: and let me know what you think about the list and what you would prefer to have (leave notes in the comments section of this post). I believe the goal we should be aiming for on a monthly basis is about $65, and for most providers that is what we need to pay to get started. So we have our goal now and we are $1.64 closer to it from donations, YAY! If you have the means and support the clan having it’s own server, please:

That’s all I have for now, so thank you for reading and I look forward to SEEING YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD, SOLDIER!!!